The Future Of Esports Betting


As we are seeing, the options offered by eSports in the world of betting are enormous, especially when we talk about CS:GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Starcraft, Overwatch, and other video games championships. Nevertheless, we still have the feeling that they are only in the beginning.

In the long term, everything seems to indicate that eSports betting will continue to gain ground among the preferences of fans. This will have to do with the speed, cryptocurrency betting, enhanced analytics, and special wagers, to name but a few. Today, we are going to dive into the future of eSports betting to see what is changing. Also, you can visit a trusted site for your daily dose of information, news, and updates about football and บาสเกตบอล NBA around the world.

Mr Jack Bet provides a discreet gambling experience. Players can maintain their anonymity, as they don’t need to reveal personal information beyond what’s required for account setup. This privacy ensures a safe and secure gaming environment, where you can focus on enjoying your favorite games.

The thrill of a sports match is in its unpredictability, and live betting heightens this excitement. Mr Jack casino offers real-time betting, allowing players to place bets on dynamic odds as the game changes, offering a thrilling way to engage with live sports action.

Bitcoin Series

Cryptocurrency has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, so it should not be surprising that there are now eSports betting options with cryptocurrencies. The speed and security of using crypto to deposit, wager, and withdraw has many advantages, especially for those who are familiar with cryptocurrency in their daily lives.

Moreover, in 2022, Thunderpick betting company hosted the first tournament with a cumulative prize of 1.2 BTC. More CS:GO and Dota 2 championships within the Bitcoin series promised for later in 2022. As for Dota 2, all the detailed info about its current tournaments is available at

Concept of the Metaverse

With digital concepts evolving every day, we could expand our imagination and look at the power of the metaverse in eSports gambling. Currently, we are seeing fully virtual casinos available for punters to play with VR and AR kit. Based on this, we could move on even further and imagine players sitting around a virtually realised map and watching an eSports match like on the monitor. At one press of a button, they can place live wagers, having the full knowledge of the entire field because all the action unfolds before their very eyes.

Bet-on-yourself Idea

Another interesting concept that can arise in the near future is the idea of betting on yourself. Currently, players are not allowed to place any wagers on themselves or any games that they take part in. However, while traditional sports remain solid with this rule, there is an evolution occuring within the eSports betting industry. In 2022, the EEG (Esports Entertainment Group) signed the agreement that empowered bettors to place wagers on themselves in a first-of-its-kind eSports tournament held in Atlantic City. This tournament was an enormous success that promoted the concept of “bet-on-yourself” idea to other organisations.

Within comparatively short time, such a betting platform as Unikrn Esports provided bettors with the UMode system, where pro players could wager on themselves in the titles like Fortnite, LoL, and Call of Duty.

Live Broadcasts

Wagering on matches while they are at stake has grown at a remarkable pace. And the key to its success is access to the event live stream. In fact, as gaming became more accessible and advanced, most of the bookmakers have started to broadcast eSports matches.

However, we think there is always room for improvement. The focus of the live broadcast services is on improving the user experience, which means having new options but also improving existing specifications. For example, some betting operators have recently announced a new technology known as emBET, which allows bettors to place wagers within the live broadcast. Being able to wager live can bring a new dimension to eSports betting, and live streaming is the key to this.

Follow-up of Players

Last but not least, sports betting in the modern era has a deep connection with technology. One of the most fascinating ways in which technology is shaping the industry is the use of player tracking and analytics. Esports industry, like any other traditional sports, is full of statistics, which makes it the ideal topic for investigation and more precise predictions.

For instance, this technology can offer detailed and real-time information about a player’s performance, ranging from the way they execute their skills to their physical condition and energy levels. All this info has obvious implications for live broadcasters and sports coaches, but it can also be useful for bettors.

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