The Future of Stardew Valley

I will be discussing the new upcoming 1.5 updates and going through everything that we know so far rounding up everything up together of all of the new expected features and content that has been revealed sofa by the developer and I will share my thoughts on all of this and we will discuss some of the sneaks peeks sneaks we have all been seen recently. So let’s go way back to the beginning of the air in February 2021 when Eric Barone developer revealed via a tweet that he is currently working on the new free 1.5 updates that got everyone excited and the hype was real. We all know that a new content update of Stardew Valley is coming and it gave us something to look forward to but months went by and we didn’t hear anything else regarding this up until the update has been announced for the year 2021, and 2022.

When Eric Barone started a poll taking the next update will include the following fruit tree and he gave us options to vote on which is the avocado tree, the banana tree, the gonna tree, and the passion fruit tree. The winner of this poll will be added to the Stardew Valley the next day. He tweeted announcing the winner, which of course was the banana tree, and he also tweeted with the following saying thanks for voting Banana is the winner and it looks like mango is the runner up. So we know we are getting a banana tree added to 1.5 but this makes me think that we’re gonna get both of the banana and mango tree, Added to 1.5. I do have a theory on this but we’ll get into that later in the content and I will explain why? So make sure you stay tuned after this fruit tree poll another three months passed without any news regarding the update until July 2021.

When Eric tweeted the following is Stardew Valley 1.5 updates notice anything new in willy’s shop progress on the update is coming along steadily in a nose to the grindstone phase, but some good milestones have been met this update at a significant new piece of end Stardew Valley content and much more so firstly, of course, we’ve got a sneak peek of the wooly shop, which now has a new door which enters a new room. We know that Willie lives up on the top floor, which you can access by the leader. So we know it’s not his room that he sleeps in so what could be inside above the door I have noticed a little ship or a boat that’s a wall decoration which could be a clue to what is inside this room. Maybe it’s a Boat hire which we can use to take a trip out in the sea to a new location with new fresh to catch but I will also go on to more of this at the end of the content with this theory and I have with some of the latest tweets and sneak peek. Eric has been showing us because you are gone, enjoy and find my theory of Stardew Valley interesting and also got a little update on how the update was coming along. Obviously.

This Stardew Valley is a mystery, he explained that it is still in the nose to the grindstone phase. So obviously there’s a lot to do still in the early stages, but they are making some good progress and the Mile and a lot of the milestones are being made this show to me. That may be the update will not be coming this year obviously due to the pandemic and everything that’s been going on in this world. As we move forward, we are going to talk about all the themes of Stardew Valley and all the interesting colors and designs that are very attractive and have a lot of fun in this update of the future, so much more than a game. Beneficiaries and also mention all things in theory. I feel like they all are linked together. I could be wrong that are your thoughts on this phase will be right. I can’t wait to check it out and play it is going to be so much fun if my theory is right is going to be the best update even if we can get on the little ship and it can take us somewhere to a brand-new area away from Pelican Town to some islands or something like that.

The farm (RPG) mystery with new forage fish, new wild animals, Stardew Valley going to be so awesome, but we have got to wait and see for that. So that is the roundup so far from everything. We know about 1.5 that all of the sneaks peeks. We have seen for the pictures some of the tweets that Eric Brown has been sending us. It doesn’t like to give too much away. It’s more exciting to jump into Stardew Valley and check it out all yourself. So I understand why it gives us so little about these updates, but we can do our best and try and put things together and just mesmerize and how the update is going to be but it’s going to be a big one and a big content update. It’s going to be free and is going to come to the PC first and then the consoles should get it very soon after it’s not going to be like the previous update where you have to wait months and months be or are going to get it very close together.

That’s going to be a lot better compared to Div ones as well. We have no release date yet. I can’t wait to see the suite of when this is going to be announced but Share your thoughts on the sneak peek. Now, the update is going to be as well. What do you think the Willis new room or new door is going to be? What about the new the area that we have seen in this farm’s layout in this somewhere we can go is it the beach has been extended. I have no idea if they are wild Ducks or are they the ones on your farm. Make sure to share with us any ideas you may have about Stardew Valley, the themes regarding updates, and its upcoming features. If you haven’t played this so what are you waiting to go and enjoy, but Stardew Valley on PC with several stores at reasonable prices $14.99 only? But the developer of the game will provide great discounts to their buyers on certain days or at certain times. After the discount of 30% to 40%, the price becomes $10.493 only.