The Government is assisting businesses through their e-Services in India

With the pandemic barely under control, the Indian Government began encouraging people to start their ventures, especially, since a lot of people did not want to execute on any of their plans since they were not sure how they would pan out. Furthermore, it just seemed like they were taking too big a risk. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic at its peak in the last couple of months, many losing their jobs and leaning on talents and hobbies for income, the present was the best time to start their venture.

The paperwork process for running such a business is quite challenging, and there are a lot of requirements that companies have to get through. Furthermore, most of the people coordinating these would not be sure about the actual mandatory processes from registration and paperwork point of view. They might have the best idea when it comes to dealing with the business they are running or executing the business idea.

The Government came in to assist these people to the best of their ability. Since the previous process was tedious and quite challenging for people to get through, while involving a lot of running around, they thought that would simplify it better. The Government took the entireprocess online, which allowed people to fill out the forms and upload the information to the website without thinking twice about it.

They could also attach their documents and send them over. For the people who felt that it did not make sense to get through the process online, they created a new system allowing people to download the forms and fill them up offline and submit them in person. The business eServices in India were all added to the website, and they were a great source of information, with people regularly updating themselves, downloading the forms they needed and getting through the process with ease.

Two of the most relevant processes that were a blessing for most establishments and businesses starting up was the Udyog Aadhar and the Shop Act. While the rules of the Shop Act are ideally the same, there are a few changes taken into consideration, and those vary state-wise. Applicants have to apply for the Shop licence through the Shops and establishments Act.

A Shop Act License is a type of Legal permission which allows a specific company to do business in a particular place. Physical shops or offices that are conducting business have to have their licences in place. It gives others proof of specific registered businesses, and they can use it when they are applying for other documents and requirements which are quite common for businesses that are running through the process. Other than being an important document for the establishment, the Shop Act has also been put together to protect the people working at an establishment.

The primary purpose of the Act is that people working at any establishment are treated fairly, which means that they receive the right pay, the proper working hours, and leave according to the rules put down.To encourage a lot more people to get through the registration process, the Government has created the Udyog Aadhaar card, which is like a regular identification card for businesses. The card provides an easy process into the registration for businesses and provides them with the information that they might need to get through the registration.

Businesses with their Udyog Aadhaar number would receive various benefit through the Government and can apply for several schemes giving them the boost that they might need to compete within the industry.  It encourages the registration of various businesses within the country, companies that people choose not to register in the past since the registration process was tedious and took more time than having many pros. It even provides benefits of tax and various other exemptions for companies within the first couple of years that they are starting so
they do not have to get through a tough process, and they can make it through. The document is a requirement for various other application processes and assists in expediting them as well.