The Greatest Cricket Players of All Time


Cricket is a game of the batsman. Some score runs with tolerance and some finish bowling attacks with offensiveness. Towards the end of the match, it is the run score that counts. It has been seen that two of the greatest cricketers, such as Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, have won and saved matches with their meticulous batting. In other words, both are the best match-winners in the history of cricket.

At the age of 16 years, Tendulkar started playing for India. At that time, he did not benefit from tracking his batting through computer analysis to help him know about flaws in his batting. At the same time, Kohli won U-19 WC before he started playing for India. He had also played abroad for a substantial time and coaches helped him improve his batting using available software. This has helped him in fine-tuning his batting and overcoming weaknesses.

Kohli vs Sachin

It is challenging to compare two ages: Kohli vs. Sachin. Now let us take a look at some of the aspects to be considered while comparing the two big shots:

Hitting the Bat

  • The batting order of Kohli is no. 3, while Tendulkar was an opening batsman for the Indian team. There is a massive difference between the two. Besides, the expectations of the cricket fans are different from the batsman coming on no.3 compared to the opening batsman.  Each player looks great in their uniform and helmet.
  • The opening batsman is anticipated to offer an excellent start to make the butter and bread for the task of batsman coming on no.3.
  • He is to face the new ball, which usually blows in the air if thrown by the leading bowler.

Kohli was an opening batsman in most IPLs and T20 but could not succeed much due to aggressive hitting. On the other hand, undoubtedly, Tendulkar is the greatest opening batsman the cricket has ever seen. He has been a consistent performer despite batting under challenging situations.

Fitness is the Key!

Kohli outshines Sachin in this area by a boundless margin. Kohli is one of the fittest batsmen in Indian cricket history and an outstanding fielder. During his career, Tendulkar underwent 15–17 surgeries, which also could not hamper his practice of recording runs. However, he was not the brilliant fielder as Kohli but was a remarkable spin bowler capable of rotating the ball.

Diverse Formats Makes a difference

As far as ODIs are concerned, Kohli is the outstanding batsman and ranked no. 1, but he still has to showcase his competence in test matches. Whereas Tendulkar, along with his superiority, mastered the test matches and ODIs. Cricket fanatics are already aware that batting in test matches is relatively challenging compared to ODIs.

Outlook on the Field

Kohli is known for his aggressive behavior while he is on the field, while Tendulkar is known for his humbleness.


Finally, we have vast reliance on Kohli’s skills as a batsman; comparing him with Tendulkar is just not right. Tendulkar, known as the Master Blaster of the Indian cricket team, is also broadly considered the ‘God of Cricket.’

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