The Guides to Play Online Cockfight

When you play online gambling, you don’t have to worry about the methods to play even though you are still beginners and you don’t have any idea at all how to play the game you want. There are always guides to help you understand the game from the beginning to the end until someone is chosen to be winner. judi sabung ayam online also offers you the complete guide to understand this game before placing your bet for real on the game you want to play.

The Terminology of Online Cockfight

The popularity of online cockfight is beyond imagination because this game is unique and different at the same time. People are so curious to know how to play and bet on this game. All players must know about it if they don’t want to make mistake that may lead them into loss. Though you have already known the rules or methods to play, it is better for you to read the guides because not all betting sites are the same. That is why, in order to avoid mistake, never underestimate the guides because it can make you easier to know all things about cockfight.

When you want to master the game, it is better for you to know the meaning behind its terminology since this is the main thing of the game. When you know the term inside the game, you know what to do and you realize what to avoid on it. Don’t just come on the game and place your money without understanding any single thing there because you can’t just win by luck and here are some famous terminologies you can see on cockfight such as:

  • Meron or red cock

This is the betting type which the players place their bet on the cock signed with red mark. Simply, you choose the red cock on the game. The calculation of this bet is so easy and also simple. If Meron wins the battle, then you can get the winning money. However, if Meron loses the match before the time has come to an end around 10 minutes, then you lose your money.

  • Wala or Blue cock

Similar to previous bet, the players on this game will choose blue cock or the cock with blue mark on the game. The calculation is also the same where you will win some money if Wala wins the battle against its opponent. However, you will lose your bet if Wala can’t win before 10-minute game is over.

  • BDD

It refers to Both Death Draw and it means, if two cocks on the arena die before the time ends, then the match will be considered as BDD. If the player places the bet on Wala or Meron cock, then the entire bet will be returned to the player.

  • FTD

FTD stands for Full Time Draw and it means, if both cocks are still alive until the end of match time around 10 minutes, then the match will be determined as FTD. All players who place their bets on Meron, Wala or BDD are considered lose.

How to Play Online Cockfight Step by Step

The methods to start playing and placing the bet are also easy for beginners to understand and this is the game where you can’t make mistake more/ It means, you can enjoy the great experience when you bet on online cockfight. Here are the steps you must do from beginning until your bet is on display such as:

  • The first thing you need to do is searching for the best betting site that offers cockfight. Maybe it is easy for you to find betting sites on the internet but which one is really honest? You have to be more selective and you need to check on all features that might support your betting activity especially for cockfight. Once you get the best one, you have to create an account by registering.
  • You have to register and give your true identity to the betting site. You have to make sure that you give them the real identity because when you fake it, you will not get the account to log in. Fill in the registration form and submit it back to the site. You just need to wait until the site can confirm your account and give you password and username to log in.
  • Don’t forget to ask the CS or Customer Support if you have something you don’t understand related to registration or cockfight in general so they can help you and give solution to your problem. You can type your problems on livechat feature or you can choose one of communication media to chat.
  • After logging in, you need to choose cockfight menu and when it opens; you will see so many markets around the world or tournaments held with complete schedule so the players will not miss anything. You just need to shop around and choose the perfect match you want to play. However, you need to read the profile and odds first before making decision.
  • Once you have done with reading, you can place and determine the amount of money you want to place on the match. You can place multibet as well if you really want to bet on more than one match. If you think so, then you should divide the betting money so you can cover the whole matches.
  • You just need to choose whether you want to pick Wala, Meron, BDD or FTD and after placing the bets, you need to check on the menu whether your bet is there or not. You can watch the match on live streaming to know the progress of your bet determined by the cock you have chosen.

Well, it is not easy to win online cockfight but at least, you know how to play and place the bet on the right choice. By knowing all of them, you will not get any trouble at all and you can avoid mistake which is often made by beginners. You may rely on luck but this doesn’t guarantee you win. That is why, you should work hard too in adding knowledge about cockfight.