The History of Facebook You should Definitely Know

Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms developed by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andre McCollum, Dustin Moscovitz and Chris Hughes.
The application was launched for common public in the year 2004 and has been a big hit since then among people. Here is the link to the latest Facebook user stats that you must know. 

If we go into the history of the app, it was supposed to be an interaction tool only for the Harvard students, where he studied initially.
When he finished completing his site, one of his friends suggested him to put it up on the Kirkland House Online Mailing list, after which the site got around 300 registrations and within one day there were around 1200 registrations from the students of the University after the word spread.
The site gained more than half of the undergraduates of the University to sign up.

It eventually gained popularity in almost all of the USA colleges and Universities, after which all of the world went crazy after it.
You just need to complete its registration process, that is quite simple and you can connect with your friends anytime, anywhere.

When the site became globally active, all his co-founder friends were actively involved in its marketing process and as a result of the joined efforts, Facebook had gained close to 6 million users by the end of 2005.

It was initially incorporated as a Florida LLC and later on purchased the domain name in the year 2005, where they dropped the ‘The’ from the name and it was finally named ‘Facebook’.

Facebook has also successfully bought two other big social media market players Instagram and WhatsApp under its own wings in the years 2012 and 2014 respectively.

There have been quite some litigations against the organization in the past few years, but the application has fought through them and came out to be much stronger than before for its people. 

According to WP Dev Shed this app has always been a dear one to all of us where we have shared all our stories and craziness with our friends and family, whether it is our birthdays, or spring breaks or travel diaries or any other moment in our lives.

The app has a lot of updates and trends that come up all the time to give you the best experience while browsing through the content.

When we talk about the trends, there have been many throughout the years, but some of the recent ones that have been on the radar like, shifting towards private channels so that the interaction and other processes between users can be recalibrated safely, redesigning of the group tab to make it more group centric, new shortcut apps on your desktop for messenger chats, more reaction symbols on every post to create more interactive sessions with users reactions and many more.

There are more trends to come in the following years, but some of the major ones in the years 2018-2020 are-

  • As per survey, the Facebook Messenger app has the most active users in the USA
  • Number of Bots in the Messenger app that are being introduced have reached a benchmark of around 3 Lakhs.
  • The introduction of Facebook stories, like Snapchat and Instagram have made the app even more popular than before
  • Social media ads investment has increased quite a lot in these three years.

Another major trend that has been revolving among users has been the buying of Facebook likes to increase the number of followers day by day and make yourself popular.

People have been using the app to become famous and have succeeded in doing so as there are now many users that have sought out for the above trend to gain more and more likes and shares and comments to gain fame and earn money.
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Over the years many businesses have boomed their marketing skills and profits due to the app. Increased customer base, customer reviews, targeted audience groups, more options and other factors have led many small businesses to attain better customer and company relationships to achieve more success in their respective fields.

The app, if used with caution and attentively can turn out the a really powerful tool for networking and marketing for various individuals and organization in the near future.