The History Of Samuel Adams Beer

The old original recipe to beer success

Samuel Adams Beer began all the way back in 1860 when the original recipe was first developed by Louis Koch from St. Louis Missouri. The beer was first sold under the name of Louis Koch Lager until around the early 1950s.

From Louis Koch Lager to Samuel Adams Beer

124 years later, the fifth generation of the Koch family, Jim Koch followed the footsteps of his ancestor and brewed his very first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his very own kitchen, developing it based off the original recipe by Louis Koch.

Beer Nation: Jim Koch, Revolutionary Behind Sam Adams

A new generation of the Koch family continues the beer legacyJim Koch

Jim Koch was doing well as a business consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, but he left the company in 1984 to answer his calling as a brew master. Together with his friends that he met while studying in Harvard University, Lorenzo Lamadrid and Harry Rubin, opened up the Samuel Adams Beer.

Together, the three who were powerhouses in their respective fields worked to build Samuel Adams. Jim Koch was in charge of the publicity of Samuel Adams Beer and is the mind behind the commercials and trademarks you see today. Lorenzo Lamadrid was a major investor for the company, while Harry Rubin was the head of business management and financials of the company. Soon after, the recipe of the Samuel Adams Beer was perfected with the help of Joseph Owades, the man credited for the very first light beer in the year 1970.

The three of them agreed to name the company and the beer Samuel Adams based on the Boston Patriot, the man who fought during the American independence war, and according to history, also inherited a brewing tradition from his own father, just like Jim Koch.

Brewing to success as one of the most famous American beers

The beer was finally reintroduced as the Samuel Adams Boston Lager in April 1985 on Patriot’s Day. Shortly after, only three months later the beer was able to become the highest voted to win the “Best Beer in America” award during the Great American Beer Festival, beating over 93 national beer companies and breweries. After its win, the sales for Samuel Adams Beer grew to 7,393,000 liters in 1989.

The Samuel Adams beer soon shot to popularity and is loved by the nation. It is one of the most popular beers in America. It was eventually taken over by the Boston Beer Company. With 17 core beers, 12 seasonal beers, 6 extreme beers, 4 imperial beers, and 4 barrel room collection beers, the Samuel Adams Beer has everything for everyone of all different tastes and beer appetite.