The History of The Jetsons

Even if The Jetsons only lasted for one season with twenty-four episodes since its debut on September 1962, it still stands as one of the most important pieces of 20th-century futurism. And although more episodes were produced and aired during the 80s, it was still that first season which helped define the future of many people today.

It may be just a TV show or an animated series for some people, but The Jetsons had a big impact on how children and even adults see, think, and talk about the future. And because of that, we’re going to tell you the history of the Jetsons.


The Jetsons is an American animated series that was produced by Hanna-Barbera. It aired from September 23, 1962, to March 17, 1963, then it later ran in syndication with new episodes from 1985 to 1987. The Jetsons is the futuristic counterpart to another Hanna-Barbera animated series named The Flinstones. The family lives in a comical version of the future that has robots, aliens, holograms, and other imaginative inventions.

The show was about the Jetsons family who lives in Orbit City which had a Googie style of architecture where the homes and businesses are above the ground. The Jetsons were composed of George Jetson as the man of the house, Jane Jetson as his wife, their teenage daughter Judy, and their son Elroy. They have a robot maid named Rosie. She handles all the house chores with just a push of a button. The Jetsons also have a dog named Astro who talks like Scooby-Doo. And they have an aerocar with a see-through bubble top which they use to travel across the city.

Why Only One Season?

Some say that the reason why The Jetsons only lasted for one season because the show aired in 1962 The Jetsons was produced and broadcast in color but back then, less than three percent of American households had a color television set and the world of The Jetsons looked flat and uninviting in black and white. This resulted in the animated series to be beaten off by other shows from other networks.

The Reboot and Beyond

The show’s 1985 reboot played an important part in carrying the futuristic animated TV series’ reputation. But the reboot was way more different than the original one. The animation has a different feel and the storylines were noticeably weaker. But nevertheless, the show still had the same futuristic vibe and entertainment factor.

Aside from the 1985 reboot of the series, Hanna-Barbera also released a TV movie crossover entitled The Jetsons Meet the Flinstones which was released in 1987. And on the following year, they released another TV movie entitled Rockin’ with Judy Jetson.

The Jetsons also appeared in several comic books like Marvel Comics, Harvey Comics, and Archie Comics. They were also featured in a handful of video games like Flinstones/Jetsons: Timewarp, The Jetsons’ Ways with Worlds, and The Jetsons: The Computer Game.

The Jetsons really represents a nostalgia for the future and in an odd way, it still represents the future to the people who grew up watching it.