The Hombres and Their Lone Hit Single “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)”

Introduction to The Hombres

Fondly remembered for their 1967 Top 20 single “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out),” the Hombres were a garage/psychedelic rock band formed during the mid-60s music era, in Memphis, Tennessee. The Hombres were: Jerry Lee Masters (bass), Gary Wayne McEwen (guitar), B.B. Cunningham (lead vocals, keyboards. He was also the brother of Bill Cunningham of The Box Tops) and John Will Hunter (drums). All were alumni at the Memphis High, and started their professional career by playing as a touring/road band version of Ronny & The Daytonas. However, the band was also dreaming of a career of its own. Cunningham and McEwen wrote the song “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out),” which had the potential to be a hit single. It did become a Top 20 smash, peaking at #12 in 1967. But it was the only hit this band had achieved. After a few unsuccessful singles, by 1969 The Hombres were no more and are now seen as a one-hit wonder.

The Beginning of The Hombres

Jerry Lee Masters (leader and bassist), Gary Wayne McEwen (guitarist), B.B. Cunningham (lead vocals and organist) and John Will Hunter (drummer), collectively known as The Hombres were a Memphis, Tennessee band formed in 1966. Before being well-known through their 1967 hit single “Let It Out” (Let it All Hang Out),” all of the members attended Memphis high school and at the same time started to perform together as the road band version of Ronny & the Daytonas.

The Hombres’ hit “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)

Co-written by Cunningham and McEwan, “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)” was released as The Hombres’ s first single. The song was issued on Verve Forecast Records in the summer of 1967. It peaked at #12 on the pop chart. A compilation American garage rock singles titled Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era included The Hombres’ smash hit in the album. In 1969, Jonathan King did a cover version of the song as well.

The Hombres’ hit single was still recognized in later years; John Mellencamp included “Let It Hang Out” as a hidden track in his 1989 album Big Daddy. In that same year, it was also included on the compilation album The Butterfly That Stamped. In 2005, “Let It Hang Out” was featured on the original movie soundtrack of Elizabethtown, a film by Cameron Crowe. The Australia lager brand Foster’s Lager used the song as well for the product’s US advertising campaign.

The Hombres’ discography (may be impartial)

Verve Forecast

(July 1967)

  • A: Let It All Hang Out
  • B: Go Girl, Go

(Dec 1967)

  • A: It’s A Gas
  • B: Am I High

(Mar 1968)

  • A: The Prodigal
  • B: Mau Mau Mau

(Sep 1968)

  • A: Pumkin Man
  • B: Take My Overwhelming Love (And Cram It Up Your Heart)

Eric Records


Five Man Electrical Band

  • A: Signs

The Hombres

  • B: Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)

Sun Records

  • A: If This Ain’t Loving You Baby (It’ll Have To Do Till I Get Some Sleep)
  • B: You Made Me What I Am 

Verve Sounds of Fame Records

  • A: Let It All Out
  • B: Go Girl, Go