The Most Iconic Timepieces Since the 1980s

IWC Portofino

IWC is one of the most recognizable and award-winning watch manufacturers still known throughout the world for its capability to make extremely precise timepieces based on unique designs. Over time, many functional editions of IWC were seen and one of the most popular series of IWC luxury watches is the IWC Portofino. The Portofino timepiece is available in different variations concerning style, design, and color.

Without making you bore enough to leave this guide let us explore the Portofino collection to make you interested in it.

What makes IWC Portofino so unique?

The first distinctive feature of this luxury timepiece series is its timeless fascinating designs. Withholding its principal position in the list of more-refined luxury watches over three decades, this timepiece has become one of the most popular and sold Schaffhausen’s manufactured watches. Whether it is the Men bolder timepieces or Ladies minimalist watch demand list, Portofino is equally famous in both communities.

With the launch of Portofino, the elegance was reinvented but in an innovative manner featuring numerals written in Roman style.The overall design of this watch was inspired by the IWC pocket watch edition from 1984, It was the reason for its minimalistic and magnificent style.

Some of the special edition of Portofino have unique back-engravings featuring harbor village. So you can experience a virtual journey through the graphical painting overview.

This is the reason for the uniqueness of this timepiece, but have you ever wondered, how IWC made it possible to make such a type of timepiece? Let’s have a look on the History …

Brief History

This timepiece series has a long-lasting history for more than 3 decades which makes it standing where it is standing today …

  • 1980s

This “eighties” is known for the Old School days, it was the era when breaking dance invented but with this, another thing was invented known as IWC Portofino.

The first timepiece was launched in 1984 known as Hand Wound Moonphase edition. So, if you’d like to check modern audio and video gear I recommend you to go to Chooserator for the kind of exhibition of what we had and what we have now.

The classic elegant round-case in the gold plated version was overall rich in design. This timepiece is started with a watch contains extremely exclusive horological function and was referenced as 5251.  The 80s also had some of the biggest biggest fashion fails ever including weird clothing booming in the U.S!

In1984 this model became the leading watch in the Portofino series. A chronograph version was launched in 1988 featuring a hybrid caliber 631. Two models of this timepiece were seen one with a smaller chronograph specially designed for women and the other with a larger chronometer for masculine nature. The later model was also featured with a rotating date function.  You can learn the history of music here at

  • 1990s

A more delicate and minimalistic version of this range was seen in 1993 featuring a hand-wound mechanism with an overall decent look. This timepiece was designed as the ideal dress watch with a classical gold case and features an hour and minute marker.

1995 a more innovative version of this series was seen, Romana Perpetual Calendar 2050. The perpetual calendar was embedded within a timepiece with a slim case, it is one of the few watches in the world that contain this type of functionality within a thin case.

  • 2000-2019

Some of the reviews of the 90s version of Portofino was revealing the factor that timepiece is lagging somehow in the case, but it was very much rare. But IWC by not ignoring even a little factor reinvented this version of the timepiece and renounced Portofino in 2003 with a more innovative and elegant Automatic version Ref 3533.

Maintaining the traditional touch in the overall look, the case was a little bit oversized than the original design featuring a more minimalistic look.

The vintage edition was launched in 2008, it contains a lunar phase display and seconds counter.

With the innovations in technology, a modernistic timepiece with futuristic technology was launched with longlasting 8 days power reserve in 2011 referenced as 5101. It is also known as the flagship of the series powered by 59210 high tech caliber with a hand-wound mechanism. Later on Automatic 37 and Hand-Wound Moon Phase was seen between 2011-2017.

To celebrate 150 years of IWC in making high-quality luxury watches, a limited yet exclusive version was seen named as Automatic edition “150 years”.

Recently in 2019, Automatic 34 edition was seen with 104 studded diamonds on the bezel ring and silver-plated dial, got famous for the most rich and prestigious feminine timepiece ever existed in this range.

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