The Impact of Music on Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are an unfortunate reality of our daily lives. Whether they are caused due to work, relationships, or family, there is no running away from them. Are we stuck having to be stressed out though all the time?

Fortunately, there are many different methods one can employ to reduce stress. These include meditation, rest, and even massages. However, one method that is currently being explored and is showing great success is music.

Read on to learn more about the impact of music on stress and anxiety.

Daily Music Will Greatly Reduce Stress

If you are an anxious or stressed out person, you might want to turn to music to help you out. Studies have shown that listening to music for at least twenty minutes a day has a massive decrease in the amount of anxiety you feel daily. How can you find music to listen to?

Almost all phones and computers nowadays have access to music. With a phone, you have the ability to take your music with you wherever you go or stream it if you have an internet connection. The lack of an internet connection doesn’t have to stop you from getting the music you want as well. The experts at Viddly’s desktop downloading tool state that the main benefit of the programs that allow you to download music is that you don’t have to worry if the file is a video or not. These software programs have built-in converters, which allow you to change videos into simple mp3 files. So, don’t let yourself travel anywhere without the tunes that you love. Listening to music on a  daily basis will greatly reduce the stress you face in your life.

Music As A Form of Therapy

Studies have shown that music can help reduce your daily stress and anxiety, but what about extremely traumatic or stressful events? How can one deal with that? Once again, music has an extremely positive effect on those who are suffering from traumatic experiences. Musical therapy has become an important topic in today’s world, with plenty of studies being done.

The evidence is there to support it as well, as those who have turned to music to deal with extreme events in their life have also noticed a significant decrease in the amount of anxiety they face. Studies are still being done; however, if you are suffering from a traumatic experience, go look into seeing a musical therapist. You will be pleased with the results and able to put all your bad memories behind you and move forward.

Music In Certain Situations Can Increase Anxiety

Music In Certain Situations Can Increase Anxiety

While music has been shown to greatly help those suffering from anxiety and stress, it can also make things worse in certain conditions. Think of music and all of its different genres as different prescriptions. For each ailment that you suffer from, a different prescription is needed to cure it. If you try to cure something with an incorrect prescription, you can expect negative results from it.

The same goes for music. If someone is feeling sad or depressed, having them listen to melancholic music will only allow them to dive deeper into their emotions, greatening their anxiety and distress. For this reason, you have to look at what music is the best for the current situation and what music the person responds to. One person might be extremely relaxed by listening to classic rock sounds, while another one shows an extreme amount of anxiety and an increase in heart rate.

It is important to realize that everyone is different, and everyone will react differently. Finding what music works for you and other people is half the battle in combating stress and anxiety. At the same time, do not try to force your music onto someone else, thinking that it is the solution. Explore your situation and figure out what is best for you or the person you are trying to help. If done incorrectly, music can increase the anxiety and stress of the target person.

Now that you know more about the positive impact of music, the next step is finding music that can either work for you or someone that you are caring about. Don’t be afraid to change the genre up or introduce yourself to something new as long as you are documenting your results. Feel free to explore the world of music and use it as a way to feel better about yourself and the rest of the world. Think about it: what kind of music makes you feel better when you are feeling stressed or anxious?