The Latest Trends in Cute Women’s Tops for Every Season

Keeping up with the world of fashion can be difficult in even the best of times. This is especially true when it comes to casual fashion, which tends to get significantly less attention than some of the more cutting edge styles coming out of France straight to your magazines and runway shows. The industry is saturated with bold statement this and couture that; what about the rest of us who just want a trendy, cute top to sport while we’re out on the town? What about those of us who just want to look good without having to worry about whether or not something will be out of style between the time we buy it and the time we get home?

Fortunately, this guide is here for just that kind of people. You don’t have to obsessively pour over magazines to figure out what’s in this season; we’ve got your back. We teamed up with the experts over at The Mint Julep Boutique to bring you the best, most up to date trends for the casual fashionista. With these tips under your belt, which is very in this season by the way, you’ll be able to rock your best looking self no matter what season it is. Read on and learn how to look and feel your best!


While conventional wisdom states that Spring is where you’ll find your gentle pastel colors live, that trend is mostly gone. A shift started in 2021, but solidified in 2022, that saw Spring fashion move away from pastel and into bolder colors. These colors remain brighter, such as oranges, magentas, and light blues; generally speaking, if you would find the color in the pastel pallet, you’ll find it in the modern Spring catalogue, just brighter and more vibrant! It isn’t the color, but the vibrancy that has changed. As you can see here, the colors are less vibrant than their Summer counterparts but still make bold statements with off-primary hues.

One thing that unites both high and casual fashion for Spring is the prevalence of texture. While you’ll find the sleeker look in women’s suits, those are hardly what we’re looking for here. Casual styles tend to rely on interesting textures or patterns. Accents such as feathers or frills frame a minimalist presentation, presenting an overall statement that relies on you, not your clothing, to own the season.



Here’s where you get to have a little bit more fun! The it colors for 2022 are hot pink and lime green, and they are everywhere. While they’re not the only colors on the scene for summer, they dominate the trends. Bright primary colors are always in for the hotter months, though butter yellow has also made a surprising appearance this season, despite it being more akin to something you’d find in previous Spring catalogues. Butter yellow aside, this season’s colors are bright, colors are vibrant, and the statements they make are bolder than ever before! Of course, that’s not surprising; bold hues for Summer have been the order of the day since the first runway.

Where things get more interesting is when considering what those colors go on. An unspoken but well understood fact that climate change has had a fairly drastic impact on casual fashion. Contrary to previous cycles, these days the dominant idea is that less is more. Tops tend to be shorter around the midriff, and low rise jeans are in. Generally, more skin showing is better when it’s super hot outside. It’s not uncommon to see bras as tops accented with sheer shawls or translucent jackets. Don’t be afraid to experiment; we’re all doing the best we can out there!



Most articles or lists will focus on formal autumnal wear, but where’s the fun in that? The real joy of the fall season is wearing engaging outerwear to compensate for the drastic drops in temperatures. Climate change makes the hot months hotter and the cold months colder, and that’s reflected in the trends for Autumn. For casual tops, flannel is always in and likely always will be. Deep, earthen colors are still in, but are competing for space with brighter hues. Expect more neutral and subdued colors as well. If you want to rock some color, purples and reds are going to be your safest bets, as you can see at This is especially in the flannel patterns that always seem to make an appearance.

The 2022 season is going to be dominated not by hues, but by patterns and accessories. Wearing more clothing to compensate for the lowering temperatures outside means more experimentation – in the world of high fashion. For us, the more casual go-getters out there, comfort is going to be the name of the game. Focus on material that feels good. Autumn isn’t where the bold looks are, it’s where the comfortable trends are. Cardigans and sweater vests shouldn’t be out of place in your wardrobe, especially when combined with flat earthen colors. This is also a little bit of foreshadowing for your eventual Winter wardrobe. When in doubt, dress for comfort and match the leaves!


The time has come again to be bold and daring, but in a cool and refined way. Even in your casual stylings. Blacks and whites are going to dominate the scene outside of the high fashion world, which will probably go absolutely crazy with designs and patterns and color experimentation. You’ll want to focus on the tried and true with just a splash of experimenting for fun. Crystalline cools like sharp blues over whites are going to be the most common things you’ll see. Long sleeves and knitted patterns are the name of the game, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with sharper, simpler looks accented with scarves or shawls. Jackets over simpler tops are going to be your best friend this season. Don’t be afraid to try out something bold, comfortable, and new!