The latest trends in the Wallpaper industry


The use of wallpapers has been on the rise and their demand is likely to continue to be on the rise. Wallpapers have replaced the traditional wall painting practices and their convenience and cost-effectiveness make them stand out. While some feel that wallpapers are not the best option and are avoiding them because they seem difficult to take down or could make your home feel outdated, the truth is they can revamp an old-looking home giving it a modern look.

There are so many trends in the market with new ones coming up every day. They will help you avoid costly renovations and the vast styles allow you to personalize a room the way you want. Let’s dive in and take a look at the latest trends in the wallpaper industry that can give your space a fresh new look.


Murals can be used to tell the story of a space and communicate more about the story of a space as well as capture moods, themes, and aspirations. Whether you are using hand-painted or hand-printed murals on your walls the beauty they bring makes the space feel homely and calm. Also, abstract and scenic can be used to add style and life to your walls.

For living room wallpapers panoramic, mural wallpaper has gained traction among many with others embracing 3D wallpaper designs which are gradually becoming a huge trend. Giant wall murals are also next in line as most mural manufacturers look for creative ways to make spaces feel bigger. A giant wall mural can change the look of a room as long as it’s placed in the right location.

Mural-style landscape panoramas, scenic and mural wallpapers are among the latest trends for 2021 bringing out extraordinary statements for your walls. Give your space a mural touch by getting some of the latest trending murals.


Wall surfaces are now being covered with textured wallpaper with textured effects giving the walls a touch-me texture that makes them look elegant and captivating both to touch and feel. Textured wallpaper is the best option if you’re looking for an additional layer of texture and greater design depth. It’s also great for covering imperfections.

You will find printed cork, beaded papers to 3D geometric designs that you can place on your walls making the room feel cozier. With the right design and color palette, a real or perceived texture, interactions with light, you will never go wrong with wallpaper. If you are a lover of colors, go for ombrés, tonal faux suedes or low-contrast marbleized prints. But, the colors you select for interior wallpaper should match your window treatments, flooring and furniture.


Botanical wallpapers which are earthy and nature inspired come in a variety from jungle and rainforest inspired wallpaper trends and are still extremely popular. They are an excellent choice for those looking to bring the outside into home. They can be used as a feature wall in a dining space or kitchen.

Whichever wallpaper style you choose, you need one that pinpoints the right statement for your home. You can still find one that gives you the look without the cost. Concerning trends, expect more of panoramic murals, trompe l’oeil, 3D texture, and natural-inspired materials like grasscloth and cork.

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