The Life and Music of Tony Bellus


Introduction to Tony Bellus

Tony Bellus (born Anthony Bellusci in Chicago, Illinois, 1936) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (he plays guitar, accordion, and piano). He is known for his only major hit single “Robbin’ The Cradle” in 1959, released on NRC (National Recording Corporation) label. However, the label’s financial troubles hampered Bellus to follow up his only chart smash. But unlike other one-hit wonders, he has continued to perform, particularly at the famous fine-dining restaurant Fritzel’s in Chicago. Bellus has also continued releasing some albums, as NRC also has issued Tony Bellus compilation CDs such as Hang Up and Drive and the holiday-flavored I Want Florida for Christmas; another Tony Bellus compilation also came out in 2013.

Who is Tony Bellus

Anthony J. Bellusci, professionally known as Tony Bellus is musician and singer who gained commercial success with his one and only hit “Robbin the Cradle” during the late 50s music era. Bellus was born on April 17, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois.

“Robbin the Cradle” — Bellus’ lone hit

Bellus’ only hit is the “Robbin’ the Cradle,” a song written by himself, and was performed in a variety of musical styles. Released on National Recording Corporation imprint, the song made to the Billboard Hot 100 at #25 in 1959 and enjoyed its stay for 26 weeks, making it as one of the favorites of most oldies music followers.

Bellus continued to release numerous singles for NRC labels, but these attempts to make hits led the recording company to bankruptcy in 1961. However, NRC was re-established, with the sponsorship of Frederick Storey, the financier of Georgia theater. But Bellus paused from recording for he was enlisted to the US Army.

From 1960’s to 1970’s, Bellus remained a fixture in the Chicago music scene. He became a regular performer at the renowned resto along in downtown Chicago called Fritzel’s which happened to be his personal favorite joint as well. Returning to NRC label, he re-issued his 1959 album (which contained his only hit) in CD format. In 2004, NRC’s old music archives was acquired by Johnny F. Carter, Georgia music historian and producer. These two singles “Hang Up ‘n’ Drive” and “I Want Florida For Christmas.”

Tony Bellus’ discography (may be impartial)

NRC Records


Tony Bellus

  • A: Young Girls
  • B: Little Dreams


(Apri 1959)

Tony Bellus

  • A: Robbin’ The Cradle
  • B: Valentine Girl

(Aug 1959)

Tony Bellus

  • A: Hey Little Darlin’ (What Do You Think Of Me?)
  • B: Only Your Heart (Solo Tuo Cuore)


Tony Bellus

  • A: The Echo Of An Old Song
  • B: The End Of My Love

(Sept 1960)

Tony Bellus

  • A: The Great Pretender
  • B: Give Me A Heart


Shi Fi Records


Tony Bellus

  • A: Jacqueline
  • B: Robbin’ The Cradle


Oldies 45 Records


Tony Bellus

  • A: Robbin’ The Cradle
  • B: Valentine Girl


Seven Flags Records


Tony Bellus

  • A: Seven Flags
  • B: Robbin’ The Cradle


123 Records


  1. J. Bellus
  • A: Robbin’ The Cradle
  • B: Whose Fool Will I Be The Next Time


  1. J. Bellus
  • A: Lucille, Ruby And The Gambler
  • B: The Music Has Stopped Playing For Me


Southern Tracks Records


Tony Bellus

  • A: Florida Beach Girls
  • B: Florida Beach Girls (Instrumental)


Era [Back To Back Hits Series] USA

Tony Bellus

  • A: Robbin The Cradle

Ray Smith

  • B: Rockin Little Angel


Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series

Donnie Brooks

  • A: Mission Bell

Tony Bellus

  • B: Robbin’ The Cradle


Trip Records

Jack Scott

  • A: Goodbye Baby

Tony Bellus

  • B: Robbin’ The Cradle
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