The Locum Tenens Career: A New Opportunity for Physicians


While being a career physician can be seen as a fulfilling and rewarding choice, most physicians will probably be too tired to agree. The trouble with such a career is that stress and anxiety are never far behind. It is a career where the lives of other people could potentially rest on the decisions you make. It is not for the faint of heart, and it requires dedication and passion to overcome.

However, just because being a physician is challenging does not mean that it has to be a miserable experience. It can be challenging to manage a physician’s schedule due to so many things happening at once, but it is possible to succeed, especially with career choices such as locum tenens.

What does locum tenens entail?

Unlike the traditional career physician where you spend years and years in a single medical facility to gain experience and respect through tenure, a locum tenens career involves taking assignments in different areas. The locum tenens physician fills in the void left by another medical professional and works with their peers to get the job done. It’s a relatively straightforward process, and one that ensures that you have control no matter the situation.

What are the benefits of locum tenens?

Those who choose to go for locum tenens companies are in for a treat. The benefits include:

  • A more flexible schedule. The trouble with being a physician is the rigid schedule where you no longer feel like you are in control. Instead, it can feel like the hospital or clinic is in control of everything you do. Locum tenens expects you to do only what is expected and little else, which means you are free to enjoy your off-hours and off-days.
  • A potential for higher salary. While the typical physician’s salary is high enough, student loans at the beginning can cause big problems. Depending on the chosen assignment, a locum tenens physician can expedite the process by going for a higher-paying location.
  • A chance to go where you’re needed. Most physicians tend to compete with each other when it comes to hospital politics. For the locum tenens physician, there is little need to compete as you will be filling an empty spot. It’s a chance to go where you are needed the most.
  • The potential to kickstart a career. Experienced physicians that have grown tired of being stagnant can make use of locum tenens to help kickstart their careers. The same thing can be said for young physicians looking to make their mark on the industry, as setting off in a remote location will not only pay well, but it will also look good in a resume.

For those that do not want to stay in a single place for years and years and want a change of pace every now and then, locum tenens is just what you need. The best part is that the schedule gives physicians a chance to look after their physical and mental well-being without compromising their work in the process.

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