The Magnetic Dry Erase Boards in the Homes of Professionals to Keep Them Meet Daily Schedule


Writing boards have become an instrumental part of the professional world. They come in many forms and materials, the most commonly used being porcelain, melamine, and glass, to mention a few. While some are non-magnetic, others are magnetic. Magnetic glass boards provide a multipurpose and reusable space to communicate. The boards can be used in any space, be it the classroom, office, and even in your home.

The Magnetic Dry Erase Boards in the Homes of Professionals to Keep Them Meet Daily Schedule

What makes magnetic dry erase boards ideal for bedrooms?

As a professional, here are the reasons why you need a magnetic dry erase board in your bedroom.

1. Reduce the clutter in your desk

What makes magnetic dry erase boards ideal for bedrooms

A magnetic writing board gives you an accessible and organized surface to attach your pending areas. Pending items such as receipts, letters, paperwork, and other items that you are working on can be attached here. You can get a more unobstructed view of the things that need to be done, and clear them, without making your bedroom look untidy with a lot of paperwork.

2. Calendar template

Calendar template

You may need the magnetic board in your bedroom to attach your professional calendar. While digital calendars may be an option for you to share with your family what you are up to, it is much easier to use the board. It is more accessible and also puts into consideration your housemates that are not digitally-inclined. This will help you in scheduling, and also keep your household at par with your schedule in case there are plans they want to include you in.

3. Brainstorming


You do not want to flood your bedroom with paperwork as you do mind-mapping for a project that you have been assigned at work. This is what makes the dry erase board unique. It allows you to map out your ideas and laying them all out on an accessible surface. This will also reduce wastage. The quick sketches you draw on the surface will also help you save a lot of time.

4. Reminders and inspiration

Reminders and inspiration

Traditionally, people would use notebooks to write reminders or sources for inspiration. A magnetic board makes things better. You do not have to scroll through your phone to get motivation for a workday. Instead, you can write an inspiring or motivating quote that you will see the moment you open your eyes, and as you prepare for a productive day at work.

5. Task management

A magnetic board can be handy for task management. Note that as you list your tasks on the board, it is open for everyone in your household to see. This brings about accountability, as you will be less likely to procrastinate or change up tasks. This alone will help you get more things done.

What materials can you stick to the magnetic boards as reminder notes?

One of the uses of magnetic boards is posting reminders. It is critical to use the right materials for this to increase the longevity of your magnetic dry erase board. There are materials dedicated to sticking on magnetic boards.

1. Static charge sticky notes

Static charge sticky notes

Static charge sticky notes can be used on magnetic boards. They cling to the board without glue, but rather, static charge. The lack of adhesive on the surface of the sticky notes is one of the factors that makes them reusable. They also have a dry erase side, meaning that you do not have to dispose of them after using them: you can recycle.

2. Dry erase cards

Dry erase cards

You also have the option of using magnetic dry erase cards to write reminders and stick them on the magnetic board. The cards are also reusable, making them eco-friendly, and also cost-effective. Alternatively, you can buy printed magnetic cards that have reminders that you will be using from time to time.

3. Magnetic cardholders

Magnetic cardholders

Magnetic cardholders are also a good option for putting up reminders on a magnetic board. What you do is stick the holder on the board, and use it to hold reminder notes.

Is there a unique marker to write on magnetic dry erase boards?

Is there a unique marker to write on magnetic dry erase boards

You cannot use regular markers on a magnetic dry erase boards. There are special dry-erase markers that contain erasable ink. The markers are non-permanent in the sense that the board does not absorb the ink produced by them. This makes cleaning less messy as dry erase markings are easy to get rid of.

Colored glass boards vs. Clear glass board: Which one is best for bedroom use?

Colored glass boards vs. Clear glass board Which one is best for bedroom use

The good thing about glass boards is that they are versatile. They come in many different colors and sizes. The question, however, is which color is the best for a magnetic dry erase board to be used in the bedroom? It all depends on your interior design. If you like a matching palette interior, then you can choose a color that goes with your interior.

The benefit of clear glass is that it is not limiting, and will blend in with any color palette.

How safe is it?

Is having a glass board in your house safe? Well, absolutely, and here are the reasons why.

1. It is made of sturdy glass

How safe is it

Glass boards are made of tempered glass. Note that it is four times stronger than regular glass. Shattering is hard, and it does, it breaks into multiple pebble-like fragments that cannot cause serious injuries.

2. Good finishing

Good finishing

Glass boards have round, smooth edges that prevent you from getting cuts while using them. More so, for the case of framed boards, the edges are not exposed hence protecting you from injuries.

Having a magnetic dry erase board in your bedroom can go a long way in improving your productivity. You can use it in mind-mapping and working on projects from home, scheduling, inspiration, and communicating with your family. The boards also come on different colors and shapes, making it possible for you to incorporate them in your space. Remember to use the right materials such as magnetic cards, notes, and dry erase markers to ensure the longevity of your board.

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