The Many Ways to Enjoy Stand Up Paddleboards for Touring


People always use the excuse of being too busy making a living as to why they’re unable to broaden their horizons. When you ask folks about their hobbies they would often retaliate with the “I’m living a practical life where I’m preoccupied with my work to even dwell on senseless activities” card. Most of the time, this is a strategy to mask the fact that they have a bland personality. Leading uninteresting lives.

If you have something that sparks your inner fire outside from your 9-5 job, you’d find time for it.

It’s given that we need to constantly feed our brain with fresh information every now and then to avert it turning to mush. Our minds thrive when it’s being actively used in cerebrating data that it finds interesting. What better way to access this data than to throw oneself into a hobby? Engaging in a hobby is bound to boost your productivity and inner happiness. Know more about the benefits of having a hobby you genuinely love on this site.

The number of hobbies existing on the planet can reach to the sky.  So, don’t even think about saying there’s nothing in the world that you find satisfaction in doing. Each of us is born with a different set of quirks that we all need to work with. While art-related activities such as painting might be a thing for others, some people who don’t find a sense of fulfillment in creating crafts. It’s said that you need to find three hobbies in life.

First is the kind that fans out the flames of your creativity. As they say, everybody has an artistic side to them because art is art. The second is the type that can generate you an income, one that has the potential of being business. Third and the last, is a hobby that can help you remain active. A hobby that we can suggest that can keep you in tip-top shape without it being a standard workout, would be standup paddleboarding.

Water-based activities have always been a huge trend in the sports industry. The payoff of participating in said activities equates to a full-body workout san the usual humdrum of a conventional exercise. With that reason alone, anybody would want to undertake these pursuits. There is a variety of these that you can learn, the only basic requirement is a substantial amount of water ( Once you’ve taken care of that the only thing left to do is decide which sport to engage in, one example would be paddleboarding.

What is Paddleboarding?

What is paddleboarding?

It’s a well-practiced water sport that originated from the ancient and beautiful Hawaii. It’s performed by thrusting the arms in a swimming motion to propel the rider forward. This action can be carried out in different positions, it can be done while the rider is kneeling, lying, or standing on a surfboard. Activities like these thrive when being executed in an open space such as the ocean since they’re usually used when island hopping.

On the other hand, standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a derivative of the traditional paddleboarding. It’s also called paddle surfing since it’s a mix between kayaking and surfing. It incorporates a surfboard in which the rider stands on and a paddle that is like a canoe that moves it in a direction. This was first seen in the 1940s in a neighborhood in Honolulu called Waikiki. A local Hawaiian surfer named John Ah Choy would stand on a surfing board and use a canoe paddle to ride waves.

Due to age, the surfer found it difficult to constantly switch between standing and lying on the board when catching waves. By doing it this way, he was able to continue surfing without imposing too much stress on his body. After that, his sons Bobby and Leroy Choy along with their friend began to imitate this strategy when teaching tourists how to surf. Being upright makes it more efficient for them, especially in getting a better view of the entire class. Since then this form of surfing became mainstream among surfers.

The concept of SUP’s is a bit intriguing and for some folks, curiosity is enough to give the sport a whirl. In this generation, it’s quite easy to hook people especially when you present them with the words new and fun. Countless SUP learning centers have begun to surface in areas where water is enough such as in oceans and lakes. Whether you find this as a new trend to try out or another sport to master, it’s a hobby that can truly deliver

Activities You Can Do With SUP

Standing up and rowing isn’t the only action when you engage in SUP because after a while, it can get quite repetitive. That would ultimately lead to boredom and SUP is a lot of things, but lacking variety isn’t one of them. You can do several things while stand-up paddleboarding besides enjoying the view. After all, it’s a very well-rounded sport.

Here is a list of things you can do while you’re at it:

  1. Fishing
  2. Racing
  3. Yoga
  4. Snorkeling
  5. Surfing
  6. Scuba Diving
  7. Touring
  8. Paddleboarding with companions (pets, friends, partner, or family)

These are only a few out of the many ventures you can do while you paddle your way through the vast ocean. If you’re interested in catching some waves via SUP, click here for a list of touring SUPs and other relevant information. The number of options you have is up to how imaginative you can get or how many you can search online. Checking through various resources and researching for quality recommendations can help you make better-informed decisions.

The Benefits of Standup Paddle Boarding

paddleboard on water

Humans, by nature, won’t bat an eye on things that will not benefit them in one way or another. We usually decide by weighing the gains we can get from something; thinking whether it is worth our involvement. Even though SUP’s has only been around for a decade, it quickly climbed to the top. According to this page, the number of SUP surfer surges at least 2% every year since 2010. When an individual first sets foot on a surfboard it’s for the sake of curiosity, but it’s the perks that make them continue.

We have listed five benefits you can reap out of this sport.

  1. Alternative Workout

It might look like an effortless activity but it’s a full-body workout. Maintaining balance as you paddle your way through the water is an extreme sport. SUP requires the coordination of the upper and lower body. Without them functioning in unison you won’t be able to support yourself on board. People aren’t kidding when they say it’s a test of strength and endurance.

  1. Versatility

SUPing isn’t a one task at a time deal. What makes it so unique and satisfying is that riders have the option to do other things while they’re paddleboarding. To keep it short, it’s a very productive activity.

  1. Sense of Adventure

SUPing for the most part is executed when island hopping or when the rider needs to travel between two coastal shores. It’s a different way to tour an island when you’re exploring.

  1. R & R

SUPing is great when you want to take a break from busy city life. It gives you the chance to experience the beauty of mother nature in a different level. Going on an adventure in the middle of the lake where you don’t have to deal with anybody’s drama is very calming in my opinion.

  1. Personal Growth

SUPing might have a big impact on the physical side of things but it’s also a platform for personal growth. Learning the sport not only trains the body but the mind as well. The process is never easy, but for you to be able to fully grasp it makes it fulfilling.  You’ll have this deep sense of accomplishment that would ultimately boost your confidence. To help you with your paddleboarding journey visit this website:

These are only a few examples of what you’ll be getting when you do try the sport. You can do extra research on what else you can gain when you do SUP training online if you need more convincing.

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