The Miz Only Involved In Miz Tv And Nothing Significant


Michael Gregory Mizanin, more commonly known by his ring name The Miz is a professional wrestler who is a part of the WWE and currently competes in its SmackDown Brand.

The Miz was born on October 8, 1980, in Parma, Ohio, U.S, The Miz made his debut way back in 2003, Before becoming The Miz, Michael had competed under ring names like “The Calgary Kid” and “Mike Mizanin”. The Miz is also an actor and has acted in The Marine 3,4 and 5.

Nowadays “The Miz” is popular because of his WWE show “Miz Tv”, other than that the Miz has not been part of anything significant. A former champion who headlined Wrestlemania 27 as champion, The Miz has come a long way from there, and he does not seem to be anywhere in contention for a championship.

The Miz did hold the Intercontinental championship for a while and was seen as a dominant champion but that didn’t last very long.

Miz Tv is popular, but for a wrestler to be known for a show, rather than for his title wins is not a good thing, and for now, it seems like WWE is not interested in involving The Miz in anything significant.

The Miz has lost the status he once had and hasn’t been booked properly by the WWE in ages. The Miz has not been the most must-see superstar of WWE for a very long time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Miz Tv has no been the most must-see part of WWE.

The Miz has used his show to become the most popular heel in the WWE, he has had more than 60 episodes of Miz Tv till now and it would be a waste to stop now.

Although the WWE is not booking The Miz in anything significant other than focusing on Miz Tv, it would be great for the miz to continue to be a part of a genre that is on the verge of being forgotten. Miz Tv would certainly help The Miz in becoming more of a prominent figure in the WWE and has the potential to make him the best heel inside the WWE.

As without The Miz Tv, as seen by the latest SmackDown results, It seems like The Miz would find it really hard to be a part of anything significant in the WWE.

In latest WWE News Miz Tv is said to be the last part of a dying genre, Miz Tv has helped The Miz become must-see again and it would take no time for the miz to get back in the things if he keeps up with Miz Tv, but we could have to wait some time for that as according to latest WWE rumours The Miz is not currently interested in taking part in more matches and would love to continue his job of hosting Miz Tv, However hated The Miz is by his fans, even they want to see him compete in the ring and we hope that the WWE and The Miz could get on the same side and we get to see Miz be a part of something significant.

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