The Moscow Subway

Moscow subway was formerly named in honor of Lazar Kaganovich, and then received the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in addition to the military, defense and related national security secrets and secrets that need to be discussed separately, since the design it is associated with a number of mystical secrets…

One of the biggest mysteries of the Moscow subway is a so-called “Subway 2” or as it is indicated in the official government documents object “D-6”.

A Government underground communication system that connects all strategic assets not only in the city but also far away.

Tunnels reach the underground city in Ramenki, Pushkin, Fryazino, Odintsovo, Krasnoznamensk, Vnukovo, Barvikha. All are now in standby mode, Subway – 2 at any time is ready to accept all Russian leaders and provide them with a decent route in solving global issues.

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