The most affordable countries for students to visit

Students need not to pay a lot to travel around different countries. A list of the cheapest countries to visit will be provided in a bit. These places have the perfect sceneries that anyone could enjoy. 

Top 7 Countries Worthy To Visit In A Budget

Below is a list of the most affordable countries to visit for every student planning a vacation. Pick places that best suit your budget!

1. Thailand

Thailand got superb islands, unique cultures, delicious cuisines, and adventurous spots at low prices. It is the best place for backpackers and solo travelers. Escaping the crowd is so easy with their 600km hire-a-motorbike trip. Many types of scenery exist along the northern mountains.

2. Indonesia

Bali is the most popular beach in Indonesia, but you can try other islands like Lombok and Java. You may discover white sand beaches, rainforest, and even volcanoes around Indonesia. There is a huge chance of meeting orangutans face-to-face. A backpacker or mid-range package is available at a lower cost.

3. Philippines

The Philippines surpassed the number of islands other countries had with over 7000 islands existed. It has the most stunning beaches in Southeast Asia and many more tourist spots to visit. Several cultures under Spanish and US influences are experienced in the Philippines. You will meet its beautiful people with different lessons to be learned in their stories.

4. Nepal

Mountain climbers are welcome here in Nepal. Lovely mountains surround the place, promoting a sense of inner peace. Other great outdoors, such as temples and tea houses, make the stay livelier. It is incomparable to big cities but more of a rural place. The place is great for a journey and meeting along with other people.

5. Laos

Among the listed countries, Laos demands the lowest budget to tour around its rural-vibe spots. Many outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, zip-lining, hot-air ballooning, and sleeping in tree huts are at a budgeted price. Laos had improved its infrastructures for tourists. If you want to skip overpopulated tourist spots, go to Laos.

6. Vietnam

There are so many underrated places in Vietnam that are yet to be discovered. Less-known sites like Ha Giang, Tam Coc, and Phong Nha will make you blown away from their fantastic tourist hotspots. Their booming economy does not affect the meal’s prices and even on hotel rooms. Students who long for a local place to visit should go to Vietnam.

7. Armenia

Historic students could love Armenia’s church history. It is only a small country containing so many stories behind every beautiful old church within its vicinity. Armenia also has mountains, surrounded by peaks and valleys. You can take a climb on their highest mountain, the Mt. Aragats. All the people there are very welcoming, as well as the food is excellent.

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