The Most Bet on Sports Across the World by Volume


When it comes to sport these days, betting doesn’t fall far from the tree. When you consider the likes of the Premier League and the huge volume of sports betting brands that sponsor them, it’s fair to say they go hand in hand.

However, is it the same all over the world? While in Britain it’s clear that soccer and horse racing are among the most popular sports to bet on, while basketball and NFL are in the USA, does that translate across the rest of the world?

We take a look at the sports across the world people really do love to bet on…


As you can probably imagine, soccer is comfortably the biggest sport to bet on across the world, particularly soccer in Europe.

It’s the bread and butter for most betting brands, and you’ll always find plenty of bonuses to enjoy on the sport to entice you in. What’s more, you’ll regularly find no deposit bonuses exclusive to the sport too. The no deposit bonus still exists despite it not being as prominent as it was, and the likes of the Premier League, La Liga and the Champions League are prime candidates for it to be used on.

It’s the likes of these divisions, alongside the World Cup and European Championship which sees the most amount of money bet on them, while in football loving nations you may even find people betting on semi-professional soccer.


Perhaps surprisingly, tennis makes number two on the list, but is popular worldwide which is helped by the global nature of the sport.

The four Grand Slams are played across three continents and four separate countries, while there is also a very diverse player base, with players from all over the world taking part, including champions from USA, Serbia, Spain, the UK, Romania and Denmark in recent years.

That’s led to more people investing in the sport and it becoming one of the most popular sports worldwide to bet on, particularly the likes of Wimbledon, French Open, US Open and the Australian Open.

American Football

The NFL certainly takes up the bulk of the betting in the USA, with millions bet on the Super Bowl each year. That is beginning to spread globally though with popular markets in the UK and Germany especially.

Similarly to the World Cup Final or the Grand National, the Super Bowl attracts a huge amount of players betting on it each year, while throughout the season there are a growing number of bettors with more and more states now legalising online betting.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the more traditional forms of betting, with races taking place every day and thousands of people betting on them. It’s the major events such as the Kentucky Derby, Grand National, Preakness Stakes and Cheltenham Festival which sees the most money spent on them

Unlike other sports, betting on horse racing is incredibly simple with players simply required to bet on a winner, or to place, which is the reason it continues to be popular and attract new players worldwide.


Basketball is played all over the world but it’s the NBA which sees the most money bet on it, with the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry global superstars. It’s a fast-growing sport with the NBA now shown all over the world, as well as teams now playing league fixtures across Europe, similar to the NFL International Series.

There’s a chance it may start to overtake the likes of American Football, with it certainly one of the fastest growing sports in betting, particularly with the NBA now developing betting partners.

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