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We all are gravitation towards minimalist, contemporary, and industrial styles these days, aren’t we? These styles have their own elements to manifest. For instance, industrial looks become apparent with exposed brick, cement wall, concrete floor, high ceilings, and so on. Among all the elements, walls, ceiling, floors play the most crucial role. After all, they make a house. You are already aware that creating a cement wall is one of the ways to get loft style. Now, we want you to focus on microcement as it’s one of the best options to give your apartment an urban ambiance! Here, we will elaborate- what is it and why it’s the best solution for adding industrial vibe in your house.

What Is Microcement?

You must be wondering, what sort of cement is that? Before everything, let’s address that. Also, we know it’s quite commonsensical to deduce a rough idea about this particular cement. And, we also understand where you are exactly confused. Your question is about, cement itself has fine particles; so, are they making it finer and adding ‘micro’ with it? Yes, that’s what it is. This cement is essentially finer than regular cement. Anyway, this is a superficial idea about the element. Go over the next section to get an inside look.

What Is It Comprised Of?

We are not going bore with the lengthy discussion here Cut-and dry, this particular cement is an aggregation of waterborne resins, inorganic pigments, and fine cement. It’s a thin coating yet a durable one. Take a look at the festfloor to get a better idea.

Why Is It The Most Efficient Element?

What Is It Comprised Of

Initially, to have flawless polishing and intriguing texture on the walls and floor, this finer coating will serve no other option! Let’s see what it has to offer you.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Cost-Effective Alternative

You can be very enthusiastic about transforming your home, but budgeting comes first. In that regard, if you choose this cement, you won’t have to worry much about the money. Because you won’t be needing a huge amount of this substance, instead, you can finish coating a wall with a thin layer of cement. Also, it does require removing any external layers of a wall or floor that saving you from the outlay.

Limitless Customization

It’s the best option for maintaining the uniqueness of the design around your apartment. You can, as any color, you desire, with singular texture. Also, let’s not forget about incorporating modern designs. As the texture and design are the results of nimble artsy hands, you can rest assured to get a mind-blowing result.

Large Assortment Of Application

In the preceding section, we have mentioned you can choose any color. In other words, this cement will work with any color unfretted. Alongside the application of color, you can use this cement on a wide selection of surfaces, such as- tiles, concrete, cement, wood, plastic, metal, plaster, and so on.

Used In Variety Of Environment

You will see people utilize this cement in industries, restaurants, and homes. As it can be used for a wide range of purposes, it stands out to be the commercial solution for aesthetics. Moreover, it not only for interior uses, but you can also use exterior walls too. How amazing is that!

Longevity Of The Material

This cement has an amazing bonding ability with other substances you mix with it. For its great adhesive attribution, it doesn’t crack on its own. Apparently, you won’t have to think about refurbishing a wall in years after applying microcement on it! For this aspect, this cement can be used on a great range of surfaces and environments.

Easy And Neatened Application

Easy And Neatened Application

Microcement doesn’t need highly advanced or complex tools or a longer time. Hence, we can say the application of this easier. Also, you won’t have to take out any surface, which saves you from a great deal of mess.

High Endurance Power

With this coating of cement, you have to worry about any fateful scratch and stain. Also, you can prepare the layer to be highly water-resistant. The unchangeable and unaffected nature is confirming the durability of the element.

Should You Apply It By Yourself?

Should You Apply It By Yourself

Yes, you can! But make sure you have done a thorough research and build a clear understanding of to perform DIY microcement project. Not to mention, collect the essential tools and materials as well. But, feel free to see professional help if you feel confused.

To Conclude

You can utilize many elements to create an urban-style vibe at a place. But, coating indoors with microcement will render you an incomparable grace. Furthermore, it has robust resistance and adhesive properties.  Also, it saves your money and time, and you can use it anywhere you want. We all that said, we hope you can see why this cement is considered to be the most practical solution, among other options.

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