The most iconic Rolex models


A good watch can make you stand out among everyone else. The right watch can actively garner positive attention. Picking the perfect watch for your outfit, sense of style, image, and level of confidence you wish to employ is an art, much like selecting wine or seducing women. Fortunately, it is an art that can be learned and taught, and when it comes to watches, few have better discernment than Rolex.

When staying in the watch-making business is your bread and butter, you get better and better at tapping into what makes a good watch tick, so to speak. Not its mechanical workings, intricate in their design as they may be, or even exclusively its exterior appearance. No, what a watch is primarily for, is a symbol of power. Wealth and affluence are a part of the pie, however, the rest of it has to do with the sheer gravitas freely offered by such an accessory including a Rolex wall clock.

That’s why Rolex can guide you into finding the type of man you are and create the perfect watch for the occasion. Here are some of the most impressive across their choice.

Keep reading, and you’ll find out everything you need to know.



Few watches are as visually recognizable as the Daytona. Featuring pleasant designs of light colors, often interspersed with darker ones, where they truly shine is in their ability to give people that ‘old-money’ look & feel. Whoever wears this, is guaranteed to either come from money or be extremely well acquainted with it. That’s how this watch captures your attention and gives you the right image.

When the goal is wealth, few things are better than embodying it, in form and spirit. Wearing this watch with pride will make people treat you with more respect and reverence. Opportunities will practically throw themselves at you, as businessmen will recognize themselves within you, executives will be reminded of their starting days and romantic partners will keep their eyes on the prize, so to say.

That is not to say that this is the only function of this watch, as indeed, it has multiple. The effortless metallic design creates a perfect counter piece to complete a simple, classic outfit. While not the most modern, it features a design that is hard to resist, no matter when that is. A Rolex Daytona is perfect for everyday wear.

GMT Master

Colorful, bright, and marginally bolder than the previous iteration, the Rolex GMT Master is a perfect piece to bring attention. Here there is a greater focus on design, color coordination, and overall cohesive feeling given to the watch. Where the earlier item in the list signified opulence, this one reflects good taste and an interesting personality. The watches here are vibrant, noteworthy, and impressive.

The power to sway opinions is a remarkable one, and attracting attention is the first step. Creating a good first impression is the hallmark of this watch. While it doesn’t necessarily say anything about your approachability, it reflects on you as a skilled, educated, and perhaps even well-spoken individual. Not only is it a perfect gift for someone you thoroughly respect (although they might already be wearing a pair) but it’s also ideal for getting someone to complete their outward appearance.

The watches are largely divided into two complementary swatches of color, reminiscent of air flight pilots and business executives, or excellent managers. This is the watch for people who get things done and look great doing so. When picking out the ideal watch, coordinating with existing clothes is less important, as a simple color-coded accessory to your suit is sufficient for creating the necessary visual vibrancy. Pick out your favorite, as that will make you want to wear the watch, which will also reflect your attitude and personality. The ideal way to do so is by browsing an online catalog featuring all the different variations available until now and seeing which one resonates with you the most.


The crown jewel of the Rolex brand, this is the watch you’d go for when you want a mix of the two previous characteristics. It keeps the solid, robust, and visually engaging metallic band of the GMT Master, while also retaining the charm and effortless elegance, and exquisite appearance of the Daytona. The monochrome designs are often complementary to the colorful armband and offer a cohesive, engaging experience.

The Submariner watch combines everything you may have loved and needed in the earlier two items, yet it does so with its unique flare. Even the dials range in color from stark white to a golden yellow – there is something in it that is bound to catch your eye. Elegance and opulence in one fashion statement, it’s difficult to believe you can do better.

And yet, you can. The primary, and likely only, downfall with these types of watches is how much what they give you is contrasted by the price. Looking wealthy isn’t exactly an issue when you’re wealthy. However, affording items that signal wealth when you’re looking to attract it and empower yourself to become your best, most affluent self is another issue altogether. That’s why organizations such as OpClock are available.

Creating a direct pathway from customers to the world of fake Rolex submariners is what empowers you to achieve your fashion goals. The way is simple too, available online for easy browsing and access, and with affordable pricing. The quality is kept at an elevated level, ensuring that each purchase is met with precisely what is intended, and not a complete fake. Rolex replica watches are effectively indistinguishable from the original pieces, offering you precisely what you want, for cheap.

The ideal move forward in your career, personal life, or business enterprise starts with the right Rolex watch for the occasion. You might even consider a Rolex wall clock as well.  Appearances matter more than you might think. Get the ideal replica watch and you won’t have to wonder what people think about you ever again. Respect, adoration, and praise are all available in one little package. Get yours, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.


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