The most impressive goals of the Euro 2021 group stage that will amaze you


When it comes to the UEFA European Football Championship, not only do we think about the excitement of the matches, the intensity of the race to the trophy, but we also want to witness beautiful goals throughout the tournament. While many people just remember the goals scored in the knockout stage or final game, let’s spend some time appreciating goals in the group phase.

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In this article, we will take a look at the most impressive goals of the Euro 2021 group stage.

1. The Czech Republic vs Scotland: Patrik Schick

The Czech Republic vs Scotland Patrik Schick

It was an impressive goal from Patrik Schick

Patrik Schick amazed the audiences and everyone watching the game with a strike from almost halfway. That was also considered and nominated as the best goal of the tournament. In fact, it deserves the position. If you watch the goal carefully, you will see that the Scotland goalkeeper was extremely desperate. The ball created such a stunningly beautiful curve that made it impossible for the keeper to save his net. If this goal is listed as one of the best goals of all time, there will be no surprise. Do you agree?

2. Croatia vs Scotland: Luka Modric

This is another goal that went into Scotland’s net and with this one, Luka Modric made no mistake to create a beautiful goal for Croatia. Using just the outside of his right foot, he had a spectacular goal to his name against Scotland which was also a masterpiece of Euro 2021.

It was on the edge of the penalty’s area where Modric played with the ball before creating a classic goal of the tournament. The beauty of this goal came from the arc of the ball and David Marshall couldn’t do anything to stop it.

3. Switzerland vs Turkey: Xherdan Shaqiri

witzerland vs Turkey Xherdan Shaqiri

Shaqiri left no chance for the goalkeeper

The Liverpool player made his fans proud in this year’s tournament with one of the most impressive goals of Euro 2021. Shaqiri scored with a strong kick to Ugurcan Cakir’s net, leaving no chance for the goalkeeper. It would have been a miracle if Turkey’s goalkeeper could save his net. All Shaqiri had to do was just a touch to control the ball, then create an unstoppable shot.

4. Portugal vs Germany: Cristiano Ronaldo

Some people argue that this goal that CR7 scored against Germany is nowhere as pleasing as his many other masterpieces. There is no doubt that Ronaldo is one of the top players in the world of all time and that was no surprise that he scored in the tournament. However, this goal that we are talking about explains why the striker is that popular.

The goal was definitely scored with Ronaldo’s style. He cleared a corner, made his own area, and made the ball look like a speeding bullet that landed in Germany’s net. Not to mention, he was 36 years old when he entered Euro 2021. That was pretty impressive, but not surprising for a talent like him.

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5. Austria vs North Macedonia: Stefan Lainer

We haven’t mentioned any volleyed goals in this list. So here it is. The goal that Stefan Lainer scored against North Macedonia was a spectacular one. That’s why it’s considered one of the most impressive goals of the Euro 2021 group stage.

With his skills, Lainer managed an overhit cross and turned it into a beautiful finish from a tight angle that helped Austria win over North Macedonia.

6. Ukraine vs Netherlands: Andriy Yarmolenko

Ukraine vs Netherlands Andriy Yarmolenko

The captain created a beautiful goal to his name

There was a little bit of luck for Ukraine in the group stage as they became one of the best third-placed teams. And afterward, they made history by winning over Sweden to enter the quarterfinal.

However, before having those achievements, let’s appreciate Yarmolenko’s goal into Maarten Stekelenburg’s net. The Netherlands goalkeeper had no chance to stop a beautiful goal from the captain of Ukraine. Using his left foot, the winger’s shot was unstoppable.

7. Slovakia vs Poland: Robert Mak

Although this was determined as an own goal to the name of Wojciech Szczesny, we must give Mak some credit for creating it.

It was a normal situation and no one really paid attention to the Slovakian until he wriggled free of two defenders and the goal ended up in Poland’s net. It was not the best goal of the tournament. But it deserves to be mentioned in this list.

8. Denmark vs Russia: Andreas Christensen

If you watched Denmark’s first match of the tournament and witnessed a traumatic yet miraculous scene in the history of football, you will clap your hands for the national team with their result in the Euro 2021. Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest right on the pitch and had to leave the tournament. But that didn’t affect the team for a long time.

They won over Russia in their final group match and with Belgium’s victory against Finland, they went even further. Among all of Denmark’s goals in the group stage, we must talk about the firecracker of Andreas Christensen. It was a beautiful goal against Russia and one of the most impressive goals of the Euro 2021 group stage.

9. Wales vs Switzerland: Kieffer Moore

Wales couldn’t make history and go far in the Euro 2021. But at least they had a spectacular goal against Switzerland. Kieffer Moore was the owner of the beautiful header. It was undoubtedly one of the best goals for Wales in this year’s tournament.

10. Germany vs Portugal: Robin Gosens

Although this is just a game of the group stage, the two teams with their best players are just too popular for football fans. That’s why the match attracted a lot of attention. And the header of Germany’s wing-back deserves all the applause. Robin Gosens even provided two assists for his teammates in this game. Germany wouldn’t have gone too far in this tournament without him.

So that’s the list of the most impressive goals of the Euro 2021 group stage. You might have some better goals in your mind. So don’t hesitate to share with us!

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