The most popular open-world games


The game industry is known to divide its projects into genres. There are many of them: games with survival elements, shooters, action, RPGs, and others. We will count the top-rated games with an open world. Their beauty is that gamers get into different worlds and can explore the environment for days. In this article, we’ve collected the best open-world games.

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What does “open world games” mean?

In an open-world game, at least a few significant locations are not connected. If you put them together, you end up with a large-scale world. Usually, open-world games are developed by the most prominent studios with experience in this type of project. The most famous developers of open-world games are:

  • Ubisoft;
  • Rockstar Games;
  • Nintendo and other companies.

Let’s find out how to distinguish between good and bad open-world projects. If the developers started to create the game with Open World, they needed to understand the scale of their work. In a unique open world, it should be simply fascinating. And it is not only about the missions because not only the missions but also the different events can make the world enjoyable. It is also vital that the world seems alive – as if something is constantly happening in it, even without the player’s participation.


It is another zombie game in our collection. This project grew out of a modification of the military shooter Arma 2. As a result, the game quickly gained popularity and conquered a lot of gamers. In DayZ, you start to play as an ordinary human destined to survive in a harsh world full of zombies. You will have to take care of your character’s condition, face other gamers and test yourself. Mainly in the open world of DayZ, you will find endless fields and forests. Also, of course, you will meet buildings and houses with valuable resources.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

This action role will suit all fantasy fans and the “Lord of the Rings” universe. This project is a sequel to the original game called Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. In Shadow of War, the island of Nurn, Gorgoroth, Kirith Ungol, and other locations fill the project’s enormous open world.

Compared to the original, the locations in the sequel are much more diverse and broader. The game got good reviews from critics, but everyday gamers didn’t like it. Despite it, the game has a lot of advantages, from a rich open world to addictive gameplay in our favorite universe.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

It is the part that counts as a minor reboot of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The developers decided to experiment and add to the usual formula of the series the role-playing elements that were to liven up the game and add freshness. Finally, they did – Origins was accepted warmly because of the new ideas and unusual approach to the famous franchise.

The action is set in Egypt, and the main character is a mejay called Bayek. The open world of this game is enormous. Prominent locations, oases, water spaces, and fascinating desert landscapes can be explored. Also, Origins was praised for its exciting gameplay and intriguing plot based on revenge.

Fallout 4

Fans of the Fallout franchise got a natural gift from Bethesda in 2015. The company released the full-fledged fourth installment of the series and delighted fans and those unfamiliar with the franchise.

The events of Fallout 4 unfold in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed in a nuclear disaster. Players need to take on the role of a survivor and explore the dangerous open world. In gameplay, gamers meet dangerous creatures, allies, exciting tasks, and atmospheric locations. Also, you can build your settlements and monitor their condition in the game.


Rockstar Games in 2013 gave the world a project that turned the gaming industry upside down. GTA 5 became a phenomenon game that has no equal. The game’s world is a vast fictional city Los Santos, the prototype of which became Los Angeles.

It seems you can do everything in the open world, and even more space for action opens up in the network mode GTA Online. In it, you can become a real boss: trade weapons, and drugs, engage in illegal delivery of goods, and more. GTA 5 may surpass GTA 6, but we can’t wait for it in the near future.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another Rockstar Games game in our selection. The second part of Red Dead Redemption was released in 2018 and has received praise from players and critics alike. This project acts as a prequel to the entire first part and tells the story of the gang that the hero of the original Red Dead Redemption was a part of.

In the Red Dead Redemption 2, you can do hunting, fishing, treasure hunting, and much more. In this project, the scenery is picturesque, and every met character is memorable for his charisma and exciting story. The story is based on the level of Arthur Morgan, a man who makes difficult decisions and changes his life path.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s most controversial and unusual game. Death Stranding was full of riddles and mysteries even before its release, and the vital questions were not answered directly after the game’s release.

In the Death Stranding world, from usual America, there are only small settlements with survivors who don’t go out and use couriers. One of them is the main character, Sam, played by the famous actor Norman Reedus. So Sam must travel across America piece by piece to reunite the once great country.

Death Stranding has a big open world, where you must deliver cargo, face mysterious monsters and cope with armed people. It is hard to call the world of the game lively, but its strangeness and uniqueness capture your heart.

Death Stranding

Elden Ring

The actual “bomb” this year was Elden Ring. It is both the most large-scale and the most unusual From Software game. In its spirit, it is a hardcore action role in the vein of Dark Souls, but the main difference between Elden Ring game is an open world. It is so huge that after half of the passing through, it seems that this game won’t be able to amaze anybody, but it constantly throws up new territories and surprising moments. Moreover, the world of the project can be called a living world because it is inhabited not only by animals but also by many different creatures. There will be castles, caves, mines, and more on your way.




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