The Most Powerful Factors That Can Influence Your Career Choice


As children, it didn’t really take a lot of thinking to spew out whatever we wanted to be in the future, when we were asked the question. Unfortunately, the naïve childhood innocence is now clouded with the complexities of modern life. Picking a career became something that could take years to decide. Some people may live most of their lives, not realizing that they can switch to another career due to the blinders on their eyes caused by stress and other burdens on their shoulders. The availability of countless options can sometimes be a curse when you’re already indecisive about most of your choices. Fortunately, there is a way to kick back and figure out a career that you can actually like and pursue it properly. This shall be a guide to help those who aren’t sure of their professional career choices to make an informed decision.

Know Your Abilities

If you’re honest with yourself, everything is clearer. There is no way to make an informed decision if you’re blocking yourself from thinking about your realistic options. This doesn’t mean that you start feeling inadequate because you aren’t a master of a skill. Instead, you should narrow down the list of professions you’ll excel in by analyzing the true extent of your abilities. If you are socially conscious, and also blessed with the confidence to speak publicly, you might just choose to become a trainer or assessor. Being honest with yourself will allow you to find career paths that you never thought were there.

Traits and Interests

Just because you know you are good at something doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy doing it for the next few years. You want to create your own system of categorization of the jobs that match your personal preferences and traits. You may have a knack for biology and helping people; choosing a path that intertwines the two, like nursing, can satisfy your passion. If you have questions regarding the nursing profession, these nursing experts know all about the nursing career resources, study tips, and lifestyle. Medical professions, like nursing, can give their practitioners satisfactory lifestyles thanks to their importance in today’s world.

If you’re leaning towards mathematics and applying practical solutions to everyday problems, perhaps a glimpse at the vast engineering fields can inspire you. Career fields are highly dependent on personality types. A standard system called The Holland Codes dissects 6 different pairs of career fields and personality traits to identify the best potential jobs for certain people.

Intended Roles

The way people see themselves is very important in determining the career they’d like to pursue. Is your lifelong role to become a teacher who helps students realize their full potential? Or is it the pursuing of ancient artifacts to uncover some of the gaps left in history? There are endless roles in which you can see yourself if you search long enough. Having a role that satisfies your ego will allow you to reach your maximum potential. No matter what role you choose for yourself in any field, being proud of it will only drive you further.



Even if you haven’t worked an official job in your life, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have experience. Look closely into your past activities and start categorizing them properly to see which career intrigues you the most. You’ll get to narrow down your career options if you originally found yourself good at something, whether it’s student activity or volunteer work. Research shows that people who had a good time completing a particular task will find it better for their self-esteem to specialize in doing that task.

Talking to Professionals

No matter the amount of research you’ve done on a certain career, you’ll never be able to touch on it in reality without the opinion of those who have already made a name for themselves in this field. Understanding the differences between the demands and benefits of careers can help you view your career options from a three-dimensional inclusive perspective. Having realistic expectations and preparations for a certain field is a must if you want to follow the best path to it.

Holding Your Ground

A lot of people are pressured by friends and family to pursue certain career choices, whether in the form of direct persuasion or by following the crowd. You want to make sure that your choices are coming from your inner self. No one else will have to bear the weight of choosing the wrong career except you. So make sure you don’t succumb to any kind of pressure when you’re making your professional choice.

There is no shortage of jobs to choose from in this world. And, while the financial aspect of certain jobs can be alluring, forcing yourself to pursue certain careers will only make you feel empty at some point. Take as much time as you need to pick a career, and focus on what makes you happy at the end of the day.

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