The most unforgettable football matches in the history of the world


Although time has passed so long, surely in the memories of football fans there will always be super classic football matches. Those games are so good and exciting that people can hardly forget them. Our article below will list the most memorable football matches in the history of the world that you cannot miss. Moreover, check out Bach Tuoc Tv to watch live football completely free of charge simply and quickly, at the same time providing a series of news, hot news that are interesting to readers.

The match between the Brazil and Germany (2014)

The meeting between Brazil and Germany in the 2014 World Cup made a memorable impression on the football fans. This clash is one of Brazil’s most unforgettable setbacks. They crashed in just 30 minutes when the game started. Germany sent Brazil 5 goals to clap.

Perhaps much later, Brazil could not swallow the biggest failure in history that year. Even so, Brazil has always been an admirable team with many years to come.

The defeat of Brazil and disappointment of team members/

Spain – Netherlands match (2014)

The country of bulls entered the 2014 World Cup as the defending champions at the top of the world for 6 years. Their squad is somewhat old but in return, with their real combat experience, Spain is still considered a strong candidate for the throne.

At the start of the match, Spain played exactly as the name “red rage”, they controlled the ball overwhelmingly and led the table ahead.

However, the “orange vortex” is no less edge. The excellence of Arjen Robben and Van Persie helped the Dutch team to slip through the narrow gate and win 5-1. Not only is this one of the best football matches in the history of the world, but it also holds other significance.

Spain’s defeat against the Netherlands is considered as a milestone for the demise of the era of world domination with La Roja’s “Tiki – Taka” tactic.

Germany – UK (2001)

England against Germany in 2001 is considered one of the best football matches of the 2002 World Cup qualifiers. The England team now excellently defeated the German “tank” team with the score 5-1.

In the first leg, at Wembley, the English team lost 0-1. England has never won against Germany in a major tournament since their 1996 WC championship (except Euro 2000).

When he first entered the match, after 6 minutes, Germany had a 1-0 lead thanks to Carsten Janker’s strike.

The England team was at risk of breaking the game, but after that, they excelled, reversing the game, winning 5-1. Including one hat-trick from Owen player and two goals from Heskey and Gerrard.

Football match between Germany and Denmark (1992)

At Euro 1992, the Danish team’s victory had resonated and was one of the biggest surprises in world football history.

At that time, Denmark failed to qualify, but they got the chance to move on as a stuntman.

The Yugoslav team was expelled due to domestic conflicts and Denmark was appointed instead. The perfect Danish stunt made it to the final after defeating the Netherlands in a brainstorming shootout.  Be sure to check out Ball table (ตารางบอล) as well.

Denmark’s surprise victory over Germany/

In the final, Denmark had a “stunning” performance when defeating the defending champion – Germany with a score of 2-0 to win the championship.

Brazil vs Italy confrontation (1970)

It is impossible to ignore the dramatic match between Brazil and Italy in 1970. World Cup in 1970, with a generation of equal and talented players like Pele, Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho, Rivelino, or Gerson, Selecao is highly appreciated. Italy then entered the tournament as the defending champions Euro.

It is not difficult to predict that the final will be extremely dramatic and exciting.

The goddess of victory smiled at the Brazilian national team/

The Samba dancers won convincingly with a score of 4-1. The goal of captain Carlos Alberto later was considered the standard of coordination. He had an artistic ball over the feet of 9 out of 10 players and shot a perfect shot into the net.

Most memorable match (1966): North Korea – Italy

We all know that North Korea is a “mysterious” country and so is its football. Not only in the past but also now, their team rarely had contact with the media. Back in history, at the 1966 World Cup, when North Korea participated in the planet’s most exciting tournament, the Western media knew almost nothing about this team.

As Asian representatives, the Korean players flew over to England to compete. When arriving in England, the government even refused to grant visas to the players, because they looked like refugees.

And on the pitch, once again, world football history received another great shock, it must be said that an unprecedented earthquake. It is hard to believe that a team from a small Asian country can beat the illustrious Italian team 1-0 to enter the quarterfinals.

The only goal of player Pak Doo – Ik helped North Korea become the first Asian team in history to participate in the World Cup quarter-finals.

In the quarterfinals, it seemed they could create another surprise by leading Portugal 3-0, but Portugal’s excellent comeback ended the next miracle of Korea when Eusebio won 5-3.

England and Hungary (1953) – One of the best football matches

The best football match dubbed the “match of the century” took place at Wembley Stadium during the 1953 World Cup. More than 120,000 people came to watch and witness this classic match. As founders of modern football, they are somewhat complacent and arrogant.

The England squad includes many stars such as Alf Ramsey or Matthews. Hungary at that time was not as famous as England. Their football background is not appreciated and is little known. 6-3 is the final result. But the winning team with the difference here is not England “shining” with the star but the little-known team – Hungary.

History repeats, once again, the team in the land of fog continues to receive a severe and bitter defeat. Legendary Ferenc Puskas and his teammates stunned and surprised the 12,000 Wembley fans.

There is nothing more painful and shameful than England being destroyed and losing to a European team at home.

Speaking of one of the best soccer games in the world, the late legendary Bobby Robson said that the players of the Hungary team said “They are like from Mars”. If you take advantage of all the opportunities, the match will not only stop at 6 goals but will be 12 goals.

Above are the top best football matches – the most impressive in history. For more, please check out Bach Tuoc website to keep up with the latest football news, transfer markets, match information, daily fixtures in every country in the world. Hope this article has provided you with some information reminiscent of beautiful images in football history.


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