The myths and superstitions associated with gambling

Mostly people are superstitious when they play casino online but these people will never admit so. There are people who get attached with the physical objects and colors while playing casino in live mode as well as online. Some of the most common superstitions are as follows:

  • People wear red when they are in doubt: red is a lucky color for gambling. People wear something red in the whole dress in order to increase their chances of potential winning. Even in some cities there are red casino rooms so that there is good luck all around and people win a lot.
  • Crossed legs and fingers: people say that one should not sit cross legged on the casino table as this will cancel out the good luck which would have been with us if people who have sat in a normal manner. Other thing is that people sit with crossed fingers so that one can have more chances of winning.
  • Entrance stigma: people say that it is bad luck to walk through the front entrance of the casino which has lion shaped entrances. This is a symbol of bad luck. People prefer to enter through the side entrance which can help to overcome bad luck and further help to win.
  • Looking away and not looking away: there are players who look away and even sometimes leave the table in order to have a winning combo. People also think that hiding the screen will help them to bring good luck and further win more. There are also some people who do not look away even for a single second as they think that their absence will help to involve the bad luck which is not good for them.
  • Don’t count money on the table: this kind of behavior is commonly seen in the card players and all must avoid counting the money at the table. Some people are of the view that it is a symbol of bad luck while others think it differently as unprofessional and rude behavior.
  • Lucky number 7: this number has a great personality worldwide. This has a huge relevance in the online games especially at the time of the online slots and blackjack.
  • Unlucky number 13: this is always unlucky and people believe that there must not be 13 people on the table. Even the belief is this much that some hotels skip 13th floor and jump to 14th after the 12th floor.
  • No 50 dollar bill: even the Americans have a belief that they don’t have to accept the 50 dollar bill as it is a bad luck. They think that this is the acceptance of the murderers. This is also referred as frog by the gamblers.
  • Feeding the baby ghost: the Chinese are of the view to feed the baby ghost with sugar before starting their game of blackjack. They believe that the sugar ghost sits behind you and will favor you in terms of good luck if we give him sugar.

Thus, such are some of the beliefs people have with gambling at casinos. For best casino experience, you can choose