The New Scrabble GO Game – Have you tried it yet?


The Scrabble GO game is a popular free-to-play word game available today. The game requires a competitive spirit and brain-teasing to complete it. The game is available for download on various platforms such as iOS and Android mobile devices.

The players tend to compete against different opponents in classic scrabble matches by utilizing a group of tiles to develop words on a crossword-based board. The Scrabble GO also comes with a few other word games that tend to open up at certain moments for tournament play.

Scrabble GO tends to expand the vocabularies of players with its usage of multiple words. It also challenges the brainpower of players to come up with words based on their knowledge. It induces a deep thinking demanding a need to unscramble letters and finding the appropriate word. The game caters to every age group.

You can filter out the profane choice of words for your kids during matches. It is advisable to turn off their online chat as there are chances of offensive words popping up. You can keep an eye out for those features.

What’s It About?

The Scrabble GO game brings vocabulary testing and brain-teasing fun of the old classic Scrabble game to mobile platforms. It allows players to brush up on their skill set against their opponents in one on one matches. You can also access practice modes and change the entire course of a match by using unique power-ups.If you are a beginner, you can take help garnering access to “scrabble go word finder-.”

After you battle it out on the practice mode with the computer, you can proceed to challenge your friends and families to a fun game. You can also exercise your wordplay against opponents from different parts of the world. You can beat them to different matches and earn your spot on the world leaderboard.

Players can choose matches that are turn-based of the classic Scrabble game. You can rank up in levels and earn perks, such as customized tiles. What’s more, you can even try out the four new available word games that include Word Drop, Tumbler, Duels, and Rush Mode.

You can also keep track of your progress from your profile. The statistics such as the longest words, average score, and additional stuff to see your skillset improve over time is possible from your profile. It is interesting to hear that spelling out a win is just a simple tile away.

Is It Any Good?

The Scrabble GO is fun, and the additional games that come along with it are just as fun. These games are easy to understand and play as they challenge players’ skills without feelings of frustration. It also includes the power-ups that can get a little more too much of a crutch in certain matches that don’t seem overly outrageous.

The multiplayer feature in the game is well-thought-out. There are previous versions of the Scrabble game, but the multiplayer options weren’t just as good. Scopely did the right thing of honing this particular feature in this game. The app also offers you a dozen different options for connecting with friends. You can easily pick between your Facebook friends, contact list, or strangers.

Scrabble GO also gives a “Match of the Day” and notifies you on which of your friends is the top Scrabble Go player. But most importantly, it enables you to play simultaneously on multiple scrabble boards.

Summing It Up!

The Scrabble GO is a great game for everybody, especially children, as it proves to be highly educational. You can play this game with your family and friends for fun and learn a ton of new words simultaneously. You can also make use of Scrabble Go cheat words from words unscramble engine via the internet. Just remember to monitor the chat room for your kids to avoid profanity. Download it for free and solve scrambled words for fun now.

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