The Overlooked Art of Bathroom Styling

When it comes to our bathrooms they can often be a room in which, trying to create a feeling and sense of calm and peace, we tend to tread a thin line, like that of a tightrope walker.

You don’t want it too intimate and moody, yet if you go too far into the negative space and white tiles, you can end up making it feel clinical, bland and lifeless. Then there is too pristine, as if nothing should be touched, for the thought of cleaning it. 

There are more ways to style your bathroom than just throwing a colourful towel on the rack. Therefore, here are some of the ways you can bring life and style into your bathroom. 

Glamorous, yet realistic:

When styling your bathroom, it is good to remember that, like other rooms in your house, it requires a need for functionality, while also meeting a look and feel that suits your lifestyle.

This is where you should consider how you’re going to work your bathroom supplies into the overall space. 

If there are five of you trying to get ready in the morning, then, provided you can afford it, choose a double vanity so that you’re not all crowded around a single sink, causing chaos. 

Keep the toilet separate: 

Many of us would understand the purpose of a powder room as an extra area for guests. However, keeping even your primary toilet separate when designing your bathroom style is, I believe, very practical. 

In nearly all the houses I have entered, especially those in New Zealand, the toilet remains separate to that of the main bathroom space. 

If you think about it, this way you have more privacy and you don’t have to wait to use the bath or shower while someone is using the loo (and it won’t stink out the area). Everybody wins!

Create the illusion of space:

There is no doubt that if you’re working with a small bathroom, styling can seem a difficult prospect, but a trick or two can help you out.

According to Caroline Biggs, one of the best ways to create a sense of a bigger area was “an oversized mirror… reflects light and creates the illusion of more space in a tiny bathroom.”

Not only does it give a sense of depth, but also it’s one of the cheapest additions to enhance the area. 

Add a pop of colour to your bathroom: 

If you’re going for a white bathroom, especially with wall and floor tiles, consider including accents of colour into the room. 

As indicated by The Spruce, “Have fun with colour. …Stacked colourful towels on an open shelf are a simple and useful way to add colour to your bathroom.” 

This will also help break up the functional feeling of the space and make you feel good in the room. 

Don’t be afraid to seek out the dark side:

While it can be a risk to be tempted by a dark tone in your bathroom, it is not impossible to make it work. The temptation of the dark can create a space that is moody and relaxing, provided it is done well. 

It is best to use it as an accent as, while it can create depth to your smallest room if going with wall and floor tiles, you will need decent lighting and fixtures and fittings that are bright, such as brass. 

According to, “You are already working with the darkest colour, so don’t overdo it.”


Now whether you are styling a small bathroom on a budget in order to sell it or you’re looking for a refreshing new look, there are my ways as to how you can make it both functional and stylish.