The Power of the Asphalt Plate Compactor with 5-Gallon Water Tank


Compaction is a pivotal step in any asphalt laying process, ensuring a durable and smooth surface. Modern advancements, like the addition of a 5-gallon water tank to plate compactors, further enhance their efficiency and results. In this article, we delve into the features of the asphalt plate compactor with a 5-gallon water tank and how it elevates the asphalt laying experience.

What are the advantages of using a plate compactor with a 5-gallon water tank for asphalt work? 

A plate compactor equipped with a 5-gallon water tank offers multiple benefits. The water acts as a cooling agent, preventing the asphalt from sticking to the plate. This is especially vital when compacting hot mix asphalt, as the high temperatures can often lead to adherence issues. The consistent water supply also aids in reducing friction, enabling smoother operation. Moreover, the water aids in dust suppression, providing a cleaner, safer work environment.

How often should I refill the 5-gallon water tank during operation?

The frequency of refilling the water tank largely depends on the type of project and the working conditions. For expansive projects or in particularly hot conditions, more frequent refills might be necessary. It’s crucial to monitor water levels during operation, ensuring there’s a consistent supply. Remember, the 5-gallon capacity provides a substantial amount for extended operations, but regular checks help maintain optimal performance.

Is the water tank detachable, and if so, how do I remove and clean it?

Yes, the water tank on the plate compactor is detachable, designed for ease of maintenance. To remove, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines detailed in the user manual. Cleaning is straightforward: rinse the tank with clean water and allow it to dry before reattaching. Periodic cleaning prevents sediment build-up and ensures the efficient flow of water during operations.

How does the water from the tank enhance the efficiency and functionality of the plate compactor?

Water plays a significant role in enhancing the compactor’s efficiency. Firstly, it provides lubrication, reducing the friction between the asphalt and the plate, ensuring even and effective compaction. Additionally, the water acts as a cooling agent, preventing potential sticking or burning of the asphalt material. Together, these functionalities ensure a flawless, well-compacted surface.

Are there specific maintenance routines recommended for the plate compactor’s water tank system?  

Beyond regular cleaning, inspect the water tank system for any leaks, clogs, or damages. Ensure the hose and nozzles are clear of obstructions for a steady water flow. Any worn-out components, like seals or gaskets, should be replaced promptly. As always, Asphaltkingdom offers impeccable support and genuine parts for maintenance needs.

What safety precautions should I follow when using the asphalt plate compactor with a water tank? 

Ensure you’re wearing appropriate protective gear, including closed shoes and safety goggles. When filling the tank, avoid overfilling and ensure the cap is securely closed. Ensure the compactor is on level ground during operation, and always be aware of your surroundings, especially near edges. Regularly inspect the water system for any malfunctions or leaks.

Can I use the plate compactor without water? What are the implications of doing so? 

While it’s possible to operate the plate compactor without water, it’s not recommended, especially for hot mix asphalt. The absence of water can result in the asphalt sticking to the plate, leading to an uneven surface. It also increases wear and tear on the machine due to increased friction. Additionally, without water, dust isn’t suppressed, which can be detrimental to both the operator’s health and the work environment.


The integration of a 5-gallon water tank into plate compactors showcases a notable advancement in asphalt work equipment, offering a myriad of benefits from smoother operations to enhanced safety. As with any tool, understanding its functionalities and maintaining it properly ensures longevity and optimal performance. When in doubt or in need of genuine parts, remember to turn to Asphaltkingdom, a trusted name in the industry.