The prolific Estanislau Basora


Estanislau Basora i Brunet was a Spanish footballer born on November 18, 1926. Wagering on Spanish football can always be a great option, and is the best website to do exactly that.

He played as a left-winger and is considered one of the greatest footballers in the history of FC Barcelona and Spanish football. He played a pivotal role in the successful Barça team of the 1950s, winning numerous titles both domestically and internationally. Other squads where he played include:

  • Manresa;
  • Lleida;
  • the Spanish national team;
  • and a Catalan XI.

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Becoming a Barcelona legend

Basora began his football career with the local club Manresa before joining FC Barcelona in 1946. He quickly established himself as a key player in the team and played a crucial role in helping the club win its first La Liga title in 1948. Make sure to visit the 1xBet download app for betting on Barcelona now from your smartphone or tablet.

Basora was known for his exceptional dribbling skills, his ability to cross the ball accurately, and his powerful left foot.

Over the course of his career, Basora won five La Liga titles and two Copa del Rey titles with FC Barcelona. He also played an important role in the Spanish national team, helping them reach the final round of the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. You can download the 1xBet app for betting today, and use it to wager on all those aforementioned competitions as well.

An exemplary professional

Basora’s success on the field was not just due to his technical ability but also his leadership skills. He was a natural leader and captained the FC Barcelona team for several years. He was also known for his strong work ethic, his professionalism, and his dedication to the sport. The best live betting only on can be made today on all matches from Barcelona and other teams from the Spanish La Liga.

After retiring from playing, Basora went on to become a successful coach, managing several Spanish teams, including FC Barcelona, Sabadell, and Hércules. He continued to be involved in football until his death on March 16, 2012, in Las Palmas, Spain. He is remembered as one of the greatest footballers and leaders in the history of Spanish football and FC Barcelona. Through 1xBet you can make only the best live betting on everything related to Spanish football.

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