The Proper Way of Using A Drug Test Kit

Drug screening is essential when it comes to running an institution. For accurate results, you should know how to properly use the drug testing kit.

It is a common requirement nowadays to go for a drug screening before an employee is hired at an office, applying for work or immigration abroad, or for other various reasons.

With the increased count of drug abuse in recent times, the drug testing rate has increased as well. However, not everyone can use the drug testing kit properly. To get the correct results, it is important that you know the proper way to conduct simon’s reagent test. There are ways you can follow to use the drug kit correctly.

Why is Drug Testing So Important?

It is rather tough to hire someone in recent years due to the high number of drug abuse and criminal records. However, you can start with one of the two. And to test the legitimacy of your newly hired employees or the ones you are willing to hire, do a drug test.

It is solely to maintain a reputable, respected, and safe work environment for everyone.

You don’t want to get involved in any sort of legal trouble for neglecting the mandatory drug screening session. For running a business, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the government, and for some countries, it is extremely important to run a drug screening session.

Drug testing can be a bit time-consuming and expensive, but it’s worth the time and money put into it. You should also acknowledge the fact that keeping up with the drug test on a regular basis would be beneficial for your work environment.

Consider normalizing drug screening in a workplace or other platforms. It might be a bit expensive, but it costs less than the reputation and clean record of your company.

The Kinds of Kit a Company Should Use

One might wonder what kind of drug testing kit should be used if it’s their first time. Don’t worry about it! Here are some basic pieces of information you need to know before running a drug screening.

There are quite a few test kits available in the market, but the most commonly used ones are Amphetamine Urine Test Kits. These are commonly used in the workplace because they are budget-friendly, easy to use, and give accurate results in a very short time.

However, there are other ways to test drug traces, such as via saliva, hair, and blood. Saliva tests are easy to run as well and give relatively accurate results. For hair tests, you can go in-depth with drug testing and other sorts of testing, whereas blood testing will give you a detailed overview of serious cases.

How to Use Drug Test Kits?

There are a few necessary steps and ways you need to follow to properly use a drug test kit.

1. Read the Instructions Carefully and Thoroughly

  • You need to go through all the instructions written on the kit thoroughly to avoid any sort of errors and to get the best and accurate results.
  • Keep your timer/ watch ready before you begin the test to avoid any sort of errors regarding the time required to run these tests.
  • Always check the expiration date before purchasing the kit. An expired test might give you faulty results.

2. Open the Lid and Set It Aside

  • This is the initial and the very first step you need to follow.
  • Tear off the plastic cover from the collection cup before collecting the specimen in it.
  • There is a temperature strip attached to the collection cup. Ask your subject to fill in the cup above the line the temperature strip is placed. The strip usually lights up according to the temperature of the urine.

If it doesn’t light up, it means the strip can’t detect the hotness or coldness of the urine, which means the sample is fake.

3. Make Sure You Dip the Dip Card Up Until the Line

You are required to dip the Dip Card till it’s marked. Do not dip the plastic portion of the Dip Card into the urine sample.

4. Wait for the Results

  • Take the Dip Card off the sample and set it in a dry place. Make sure the counter is clean as well.
  • You need to wait for a solid 5 minutes to get the final and accurate results.

5. The C-line and the T-line

You’ll notice two lines in the test strips, and these determine your test results accordingly.

  • The C-line is also known as the Control Line. A line should always show up there, and if it doesn’t, it means the test is invalid.
  • The T-line is also known as the Test Line. If a line shows up in the T-line, it means the test is negative. But if there is no line at all in the T-line, it means the test is positive.

6. Some Strips Have More than One T-line

Some strips have more than one T-line so that they can test more than one substance within them.

7. Some Test Abbreviations You Need to Know

Here are some test abbreviations you need to know if you will be running a drug screening yourself.

  • AMP: Amphetamines, diet pills
  • BARB (or BAR): Barbiturates, sedatives, hypnotics
  • BENZO: Benzodiazepines, Valium, Xanax
  • BZO: Same as BENZO
  • COC: Cocaine
  • MDMA: Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, ecstasy
  • METH-AMP: Methamphetamines
  • Methadone: Treatment for heroin addicts
  • MOR: Morphine, pain medications
  • OXY: Oxycontin, pain medications
  • PCP: Phencyclidine, angel dust
  • PPX: Propoxyphene, Darvon (no longer available in the US)
  • THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, marijuana, hash

The Most Commonly Used Drug Kit

  • There is a kit that is commonly used for drug screening. It’s a kit with which you can do 5 tests in 1.
  • The tests that you can run: Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Heroin, and Ecstasy.
  • This kit is very user-friendly; you can easily get the test by yourself anywhere.
  • You can easily run this test without having much knowledge about it and end up getting accurate results as well. The test results have more than 99% accuracy.

The Types of Drugs That Can Be Tested

  • MDMA: Ecstasy
  • AMP: Amphetamines
  • COC: Cocaine, Crack
  • MOR: Morphine, Heroin, Opiates
  • THC: Cannabis, Marijuana, Hash

Benefits of this Drug Test Kit

  1. It’s easy to use.
  2. Doesn’t take much of your time.
  3. With a single kit, you can have results for 5 drugs.
  4. You’ll get very accurate results.

What does this Drug Test Kit Allow?

  1. This will allow you to dodge any sort of risky situation regarding the test.
  2. It will help you maintain a rather safe environment with satisfactory test results.
  3. However, you need to be alert enough to avoid repeating common errors; it will hamper your results.

When Should We Run This Test?

It is wise to take tese drug tests right before certain occasions or the time these certain occasions usually take place. Drugs are mostly hyped among teenagers and young adults, so you need to keep track of the times they usually hangout.

These drugs are consumed while they are out with friends or acquaintances. The common time for drug consumption is usually-  evenings, festivals, game nights, weekends, etc.

How Often Should We Run These Tests

These tests should be run on a regular basis frequently.

This is to ensure optimum safety of a healthy work environment. Also, this way, the drug abusers are alert enough and would not consume drugs. If they do, it’ll show in the test.

This should be practiced frequently in institutions to maintain regularity. It also shows how seriously you take drug abuse. If your employees plan on consuming it, they’ll back off.

This also ensures the name of your company in a positive light. It will ensure your good reputation, and your records will be clean.

When does an Organization Require a Drug Test?

There are certain circumstances under which running a drug test is mandatory.

1. Pre-Employment Period

Applicants with a clean drug test result are allowed to be employed. Employing a person who has positive drug results might cause you to face legal trouble

2. Random Screening

Your company should organize random drug screening sessions to avoid any kind of possibility of having a drug abuser as an employee. For them, the environment of your workplace might be hampered.

As these sessions are unannounced, it’s easier to detect the abusers.

3. When You Suspect a Certain Employee

You can run a drug testing session when you suspect a certain employee of abusing drugs and still coming for work.

It’s unhealthy for the work atmosphere and your sober employees.

4. Post-Accident Drug Screening

It is very important to run a drug screening on an employee after they return to work post-accident. This is to ensure the employee isn’t under any kind of drug-related influence when they’re at work.

If it’s a work injury, you’re responsible for their drug test within two hours post-accident. The most effective type of drug test in these cases is alcohol testing.

Normalize Drug Test for a Healthier Environment

There is an uncountable number of deaths, accidents, and crimes recorded all over the world, caused mainly by drug intake. For a better world and for a healthier surrounding, we are in charge of taking some necessary steps to maintain a balance and to help people who need to get out of this certain habit of abusing drugs.

For that, we need to normalize drug test screening mandatory all over the world.