The Proper Way To Give Cbd Oil To Your Dog

CBD hemp oil is known to have numerous benefits not only for humans but for dogs alike. While there may be no formal study on how CBD can potentially affect a canine, there are already numerous researches that suggest how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. According to the latter, this interaction maintains the balance in a dog’s body, helping to keep your pet fit and healthy. If you are pondering on giving your dog CBD oil, the tips below may help you in terms of how to give it properly.

Direct Application

One of the easiest ways to give CBD oil to your dog is by applying it directly in their mouth. However, before giving CBD hemp oil for dogs, make sure that you research the proper dosage that you need to give based on your dog’s size, as well as your intended purpose on why you need to administer CBD oil. You can determine the dosage based on the number of drops that you give. Just draw out the appropriate amount of oil into the dropper and insert it in your dog’s mouth, as close to the back as possible.

Mixed with Treats

If you rather have a picky canine, the best way to give a CBD oil supplement is by infusing it into dog treats. Porous treats tend to absorb the oil better compared to other treats wherein the oil may just slide off. In this manner, you just need to soak the treat with the proper dosage for a few minutes before giving it to your dog. This works well for smaller dog breeds who only need a small dose, otherwise, you may need to give more treats for bigger dogs who need a bigger dose. Apart from the ready-made treats, you can also infuse CBD oil into the treats that you make. However, baking the treats infused with CBD oil may cause the oil to evaporate such that it is better to infuse the oil in no-bake treats for your dog. Nevertheless, you can simply replace the oil called for in the recipe with the CBD oil in the proper dosage.

Mixed with Food

Finally, you always have the option of mixing the CBD oil in your dog’s food, but this works best with wet dog food. In doing so, start with a low dosage until such time that your dog is already used to the taste of the food. Also, remember to soak your dog’s food for a few minutes before giving it to your canine to ensure that the oil is already infused.

Mixed with Food

To wrap things up, there are various ways on how you can administer CBD oil to your dog. One of these is by applying it directly in your dog’s mouth. You can also give it in the form of a treat that you have made or mix it with something that is tasty in their food. The important thing to note is to look for CBD oil products that are proven safe and organic from trusted brands or sellers to ensure the safety of your dog and the effectiveness of the product.