The Pros and Cons of Installing Home Security


Security camera installation can make or break your abode. That’s why, before taking the plunge and installing your own security cameras, you’ll want to consider the pros and cons of this smart and cost-effective home addition. If you’re ready to find out how it can improve your life, check out the blog post below.

Find out the immense benefits of installing cameras in your backyard that can work to protect your home. Accurately gauging the pros and cons of security cameras when pondering the scope of this project can help you make a concrete decision.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Home Security


1. Security and Peace of Mind

You’ll sleep better at night knowing your house is safe and secure. There’s nothing like being able to peek in on your kids, pets or home from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. It’s a rare piece of mind knowing that when you’re away, nothing will happen to your home that you can’t see and react to quickly if ever needed. This extra layer of precaution will give you a sense of security that you may have been longing for.

2. Less Chance of Being Burglarized

If someone who has burglarized your home thinks they’re being watched, they’ll probably move along to an easier and more accessible target. Installing security cameras sends the message that you have taken steps to protect yourself, your household and your property.

3. Greater Chance of Being Discovered if You’re the Victim of a Crime

Even if you’re not home when a crime happens, a security camera can help you prove that you weren’t anywhere near it. Even better, it can be used to track down and prosecute what would have been a very difficult criminal case to crack. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is protected from thieves.

4. Protection from Accidents and Liability Claims

If pets or children make a mess in the house or do something else that might injure themselves or others, chances are the parenting neighbours can help alleviate the chances of it happening again. You’ll protect them from themselves, and if they do get hurt, you’ll have solid evidence to help fight any claims or lawsuits that might arise.

5. Surveillance of a Housekeeper, Nanny or Home Health Aide

If anyone who regularly comes into contact with your family is abusing them in any way, you’re sure to catch it on camera. You can use the footage as evidence later on when you decide to take action against them for their betrayal of your trust.

6. Watch Over Your Pets

If your pets aren’t very social, getting a security camera for them can be a great way to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe and comfortable when they’re alone in the house. If you have a dog, you can watch him while he’s outside. If you have a cat, you can watch her while she’s inside. You’ll feel more secure knowing that your pet isn’t lonely when you’re away from home.

7. Security Camera Installation for Your Children

Your little ones will feel safer with cameras installed in their rooms, watching over them as they sleep or play during the day. You’ll be able to see them at any time and be alerted to anything they might need or want.

8. Security Cameras Deter Intruders

The threat of being recorded might persuade a potential burglar to look for an easier target if you have a security system. If you don’t have one, this is even more of a reason to install one. While some may argue that security cameras don’t deter crime, we think they help by putting potential perpetrators on alert and giving your police department evidence with which they can work in case something does go wrong.

9. Security Cameras Can Help You Surveil Waterfront Homes

If you live on a waterway or near a lake, setting up security cameras can help you protect your home and assets in any occurrence of precarious weather conditions.

10. Protect Your Business

Businesses of all kinds can greatly benefit from installing security cameras, whether they’re located in a storefront, an office building or a warehouse. Some cameras have even been installed to monitor the parking lot for safety purposes. If someone is vandalizing cars or breaking into parked vehicles, you’ll be able to figure out who it is and prosecute him accordingly. In other cases, monitoring equipment has been used to fight theft by recording theft activity and providing evidence for police to make arrests and prosecute criminals.


1. Expense

Security cameras are expensive to install. Even if you’re only planning on keeping it up for a few months at a time, you’ll be paying monthly fees and ongoing expenses. This is the main reason why most people don’t want to install them. If the idea of paying high fees doesn’t bother you and you don’t mind spending more than $200 on two cameras, go for it! However, if money is tight, then consider doing some research before installing new security cameras in your home.

2. Time

If you don’t want to commit a big chunk of your day to installing security cameras, it might take a while. Regardless of the amount of work you have to do, the time it takes for installation depends on how many cameras you’re adding and how complicated the setup is.

3. Will It Work For You?

You’ll need to decide whether enough functions are important for your situation. We want to know if you’re concerned about intruders if you have small children or pets, if you’re concerned about privacy or if you want to use your camera as a security system. We also want to know if your security cameras will be ignored by crooks and thieves or if they will serve as the main reason they target your property. If we can answer any of these questions with a yes, then feel free to purchase the same model we have installed at our home!

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