The Pulsar RoK Review: The Latest and The Greatest

The RoK is Pulsar’s “latest and greatest” vaporizer to date. The Pulsar RoK Portable E-Rig Vaporizer is a portable e-rig that can vaporize both oils and flowers. It’s also probably the most unique portable dab rig we’ve seen so far because the placement of the water filtration system is on the base of the Pulsar RoK unlike other portable e-rigs whose water filters are located above the unit. However, this portable e-rig wants to show that it has more to offer than just unique looks and dual functionality.

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Design and Engineering

This is where the Pulsar RoK truly stands out. It didn’t take us long to notice some of the innovative design featured on the Pulsar RoK which only proves how far they’ve gone to improve and redesign the portable e-rig technology. The overall build and engineering of the Pulsar RoK show that the layout of this device has been well thought of. The placement of the water filtration system at the bottom of the unit is no gimmick. We feel that the location of the water basin at the base is to purposefully allow the water to maintain room temperature when in use. We’ve put cold water in the glass base and it remained cool for a significant amount of time.

The glass base on this portable e-rig also provides a sturdy and a well-balanced stance. The Pulsar RoK portable dab rig maintains a trilateral shape giving it a stable pose when placed in a linear platform. It also makes for a practical way of holding the unit since the Pulsar RoK was meant to be used as a portable handheld device. It pretty much feels like holding a bottle of soda than holding a portable vaporizer, this makes the Pulsar RoK easier to pass around when used in group sessions where several individuals partake.

The glassware is made out of durable borosilicate which makes for a befitting choice since the glass piece serves as the base of the unit. Borosilicate glass is known for its durability and overall strength which is why it’s seen wide use in laboratories and other medical facilities because apart from being tough, borosilicate glass shows high resistance to thermal shock. This means that even when exposed to extremely hot and cold temperatures, the borosilicate glassware will not easily break nor shatter. The borosilicate glass base feels beefy and sturdy which is something you’d be looking for in a portable rig with a glass for a base. Borosilicate glass is also inert which means that it will not affect the taste of the vapors produced by the RoK.

The Pulsar RoK also features a disc percolator which enhances its capabilities of filtering the vapor. The borosilicate disc percolator ensures that each pull you get from the Pulsar RoK gives you clean and smooth hits.

Another feature we’d noticed from the Pulsar RoK is its isolated airpath. The way the glass base, the disc percolator, and the actual body of the Pulsar RoK is designed allows for an isolated avenue for the vapors to travel. This only means that the vapors produced when using the Pulsar RoK is completely separated from the internal circuitry of the RoK. By isolating the path where the vapor travels, the Pulsar RoK ensures that the vapors remain clean and cool. After all, what’s the point of all the glassware when the vapors taste like metal and plastic.

Overall, the design and engineering of the Pulsar RoK proves that a bottom basin works if not better than conventional portable dab rig designs.

The RoK Mode

Pulsar dedicated its time and effort in developing a device that’s going to break the meta of portable e-rig platform. From the inside out, the Pulsar RoK is made with everything that’s revolutionary. Because the external and physical build of the Pulsar RoK is distinctively different, it’s only befitting that the technology used in developing its heating functionalities be unique as well.

One example is the RoK mode. The RoK mode is Pulsar’s iteration of other dab rigs’ “sesh-mode” or “session mode.” It works by allowing the Pulsar RoK to fire a continuous stream of heat at the cups at while it runs on your selected temperature setting. However, the RoK mode allows you to activate it and stop it as you please. Other dab rigs will ceaselessly heat your dabs after a certain amount of time but the Pulsar RoK lets you stop the cycle whenever you please. This means that you’re in total control of how this portable dab rig functions, never leaving anything to chance.

The Pulsar RoK offers 3 preset temperature settings that are calibrated to accurately represent the very profiles they embody. The low temperature setting runs at 900 degrees Fahrenheit at the maximum with an output of 3.4 volts, the medium temperature level is at 950 degrees Fahrenheit at the most with 3.6 volts, and the high temperature setting is at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit at 3.8 volts. You might think that having three temperature profiles is a little short of mediocre, you’ve got to hold your horses. The Pulsar RoK has a few more tricks up its sleeves. It’s got a cold start option, a pre-heat function, and a flower mode. The cold start option lets you enjoy your dabs right off the bat, the pre-heat function lets you pre-heat the coils and your concentrates before use, the flower mode lets you vape herbs and other ground botanicals offering additional functionality.

The Pulsar RoK offers a wide range of features aside from the standard preset settings you get which makes the RoK portable dab rig not only a versatile but also a valuable portable e-rig. Just the flower mode alone makes it a two for one device, with the addition of the isolated airpath and the RoK mode, it’s just a complete package.

Make sure to check out the Pulsar RoK portable dab rig if you’re in the fence for a new vaporizer, it’s a must have for all vape enthusiasts and vape professionals.