The Reasons Why You Should Not Overlook Slovenia

Slovenia is not one of the top destinations that will come to your mind if you are scheduling your next trip abroad. However, it is definitely a country that can offer travelers a variety of places to visit, activities to do and food to taste. Here are the most important reasons that will show you why you should not overlook Slovenia so easily.

Nature and scenery

Slovenia is a country where nature unfolds in front of travelers. Known for its rich plant and animal world, as well as the various rivers, lakes, forests and valleys, Slovenia will make you feel relaxed and care-free from the very first moment. The Triglav National Park is one of the largest parks in Europe and shelter to rare species of flora and fauna. It is not accidental that Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe. With all this unique scenery, it is not strange why a lot of foreigners who visit Slovenia for a business trip and stay for a couple of days decide to look for property for sale in slovenia before they leave. Many foreigners, for example, have bought a small cottage house and visit it during the summer or winter holidays.

Caves and castles

Caves and castles

Slovenia is known for its unique underground caves and one particular cave, known as the Postojna Cave is famous around the world for its beauty. A train will take you there and you’ll be able to admire unusual sculptures, stalactites with different shapes and strange animals. Near this major cave, there is a smaller one with a unique feature: above it stands the largest underground caste in the world, the famous Predjama Castle. This Castle worked as a medieval haven some centuries before.

The riverfront in Ljubljana

The capital city of Slovenia is divided by a spectacular riverfront that promises to offer you a peaceful and relaxed time. Tourists can either take a boat trip along it or just stroll alongside the river. Alternatively, you can sit by the variety of cafes that are situated along the water’s very edge. The country is also, famous for the River Soca, where tourists can easily take part in activities, like rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

The unique Bled Island

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a fairytale island? If the answer is a big yes, then Slovenia will make that dream come true. The well-known Bled Island with the glorious Gothic Church right in the center of it is definitely a major reason for you to visit the country. A temple of the ancient goddess Ziva was situated in the place of the temple some centuries ago. The photo opportunities on the island are just great.

Although Slovenia is not considered such a popular European destination, it has definitely many hidden treasures waiting for tourists to discover. Its unique sceneries along with its spectacular sightseeing and traditional buildings around the country make Slovenia a worthy destination where you can both relax and participate in energetic activities, all at the same time. For this reason, you should really not overlook it when you decide to schedule your next European trip.