The Revenge of Newspapers


With the internet being more available and accessible to millions of people worldwide, it is not surprising that digital news websites and platforms are becoming more and more popular. Because of how accessible digital news sites are today, printed newspapers and other kinds of print media are on a decline, as fewer and fewer people are buying newspapers and magazines nowadays since they can just get the same content online.

However, despite the overwhelming popularity of digital news and media today, newspapers are still surviving, thanks to the many advantages that they provide to readers, businesses, and advertising companies. Who knows, newspapers may become more popular again and get their revenge against digital news platforms. For now, it is essential for us to talk about why newspapers are still being printed and read today. Here are the benefits of newspapers in the digital era.

Newspapers Can Be Read Without Accessing the Internet

newspaper printing machine

Despite how abundant Wi-Fi, mobile data, and internet connections are in many countries around the world, there are still some areas that don’t have access to the internet. So, one of the few ways for them to know more about the latest happenings in their country or other parts of the world is to read the newspapers. These newspapers have a newspaper template ready so that articles can be placed on the newspaper easier and copies can be printed faster.

The great thing about printed newspapers is that they can be read anytime and anywhere, even if you don’t have access to the internet. One of the biggest disadvantages of digital news sites is that readers would need an internet connection not only to read online articles but also to access the homepage and other web pages of the news sites. So, if you are on an outdoor trip and the area you visited doesn’t have internet, you can just get a newspaper from a local store if you want to read the latest news and updates.

Newspaper Ads Can Last Longer

One of the reasons why newspapers are still alive today is because there are still a lot of companies that advertise their brands or products in newspapers. Whenever businesses want to advertise something in a newspaper, they would have to contact the publisher of the newspaper and pay for advertising fees or for the space that the companies’ ads will occupy on the page of the newspaper.

While print ads are slightly pricier compared to digital ads, once the ads do get printed on the newspaper, those ads would remain on one of the pages forever. For digital ads, you would often have to pay for how many days, weeks, or months your ads are going to appear on specific websites. Although digital ads do reach more people, specifically the ones that are always using the internet, a lot of ads rarely get many appearances on web pages because of how many brands or companies are paying for their ads to appear on websites as well. In newspapers, your ad would remain on the same page of the newspaper no matter how many copies are printed.

Newspaper Ads Have Less Competition for Businesses

World Business section of a newspaper

With so many companies or businesses competing for digital ads on the internet, digital news and media are now overcrowded with so many ads that can be quite distracting for the readers. However, for newspapers, ads don’t really pop up or block the article you are reading, as the ads are permanently placed on specific pages where they won’t cause distractions but will still be seen by readers.

In addition, newspapers aren’t overcrowded with businesses that pay for ads, so there is most likely less competition for companies or brands that want to expand their reach in terms of potential customers. If you have a relatively obscure business and you want to gain more customers, newspapers may be some of the best platforms where you can advertise your business and products, as you will encounter less competition against other brands, and you will be sure that your ad will be seen by the many readers of those newspapers.

Newspapers Can Be Highly Collectible in the Future

There are vintage newspapers that have become highly collectible mainly because of the contents that are written on the pages. For example, if there is a historical moment that was documented and written in a specific article in the newspaper, there is a very high chance that the article would increase the resale price of the newspaper in the future. Digital news sites and their articles don’t really have resale value, as the articles aren’t printed as physical objects.

So, if you like collecting things, newspapers may be one of the cheapest to collect since each copy is fairly affordable, and the print lasts for a long time unless they are exposed to sunlight or accidentally splashed with or dipped in water.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits of newspapers and why there are still a significant number of newspaper readers and companies that avail newspaper ads. If you haven’t read a newspaper in a long time, we highly suggest that you do so and see how much better it is to read the latest news and articles through paper rather than on a smartphone or computer screen.

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