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The Rising Popularity of Paddy Power

Capture Interests Through Convenience

Following the rise of digitalisation, numerous online betting and casino operators have reached new heights. Of these platforms, Paddy Power has enjoyed sustained growth regarding both their audience base and total revenues.

In November 2019, the Irish Times reported that the bookmaker, which was founded in 1988, grew revenues to £533 million in the third quarter. So, let’s take a look at how the Irish betting company been able to grow their brand within the ever-changing iGaming industry.

Thriving in a Digital Era

Fundamentally, one of the primary reasons why Paddy Power have been able to heighten their popularity is due to the fact that branded searches are on the rise following the move to online bookmakers. With increasing numbers of traditional in-house betting establishments creating online platforms, the Irish bookmaker has been able to establish themselves as the go-to betting brand among UK-based players.
According to a study by Pi Datametrics, which can be found at iGamingBusiness.com, the Paddy Power brand appeared in 8.01 percent of all gambling-related searches. This total sees the Dublin-founded bookmaker top the search leaderboard among UK customers.

Moreover, aside from appearing the most in betting-centred digital searches, the bookmakers have also been able to flourish through seeking to expand their involvement in diverse markets, such as sports-related analytical content. At the beginning of the 2019-20 Premier League season, and hosted by Kelly Cates, Paddy Power launched their Liquid Football show, which has also aided in growing the bookmaker’s brand.

Capture Interests Through Convenience

Generally, convenience is at the very core of modern-day betting platforms from an accessibility standpoint concerning games. Importantly, signing-up with the Irish bookmaker is also a straightforward process. Upon entering personal details, Paddy Power seeks to ensure privacy is guaranteed through the integration of security questions. Moreover, prospective users can also conveniently set their frequency limit regarding betting and betting totals, which encourages responsible gaming right from the off.

Moreover, the convenient nature of Paddy Power’s online platform stretches across many of the gaming opportunities that they have on offer. In addition to odds on the latest sporting events being showcased at the very forefront of the website, prospective bettors can also participate in Irish lottery betting with Paddy Power. Given that the lotto in question is drawn on numerous occasions throughout the week, the scheduling enables heightened selectivity among players. Furthermore, along with being able to choose between three draws, Paddy Power bettors can also modify the total amount of numbers that they wish to bet on, with five being the most available and offering the most lucrative odds.

Catering to Contemporary Demands

Ultimately, it’s evident for all to see that the increased use of online bookmakers, in part due to their heightened convenience, has been crucial to the recent growth of Paddy Power. The bookmaker’s desire to create forward-thinking content has helped to give them the edge over their market competitors, which, in turn, has resulted in them leading the way in branded searches.

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