The Risks Of Avoiding Travel Insurance


Being able to travel is an opportunity of a lifetime. Even if it’s just a two-day trip to the countryside, it’s one of the most fulfilling rewards you can give to yourself. The experiences you get from travelling are beyond compare, and you won’t trade them for anything less.

Amazing as it sounds, travelling is not all about the good stuff. It’s not without its fair share of challenges, which you may encounter along the way. It’s the reason why annual multi trip travel insurance exists. It helps you resolve certain issues that you will face during your travels. You can opt not to have the insurance, but what happens if you don’t have one? Here are some of the risks of travelling without insurance.

No Cover for Lost or Stolen Baggage

It can be pretty busy to transport your bags from one port to another, that’s why they can get lost en route. Sometimes, they can get stolen, and you have no idea who did it. Without travel insurance, there is no way for you to receive any compensation for the belongings you lost or may have been stolen. You’ll just hope that they can be found and returned to you in one piece. But if you have travel insurance, your personal items will be covered, and you get paid back by your insurance provider.

No Refund for Cancellations or Delays

Lost or stolen baggage is not the only common travel-related mishap. Cancelled or delayed trips are also an annoying problem. They can happen to you when you least expect them. The only thing that can prevent you from shelling out money for alternative trips is to have travel insurance. Without one, you’ll spend more of your money, and you get nothing in return.

For example, you need to cancel your trip due to a health-related problem. Because you don’t have travel insurance, all the expenses that have already been paid won’t be compensated, not even a single cent.

No Medical Cover

The biggest risk of not having insurance is spending on health care and treatment while in another country. If you require immediate medical attention, travel insurance will cover the costs, including the expenses to return you home whenever necessary. Even if you use your money, you’ll still get it back once you make a claim. As long as you have all the receipts, your out-of-pocket expenses will be covered.

If you don’t have travel insurance, it’s going to be financially struggling. You’ll have to pay for all the medical services you need, and that includes prescriptions, treatments, surgeries, and the trip to take you home. They can be very expensive, reaching over £1 million.

The Takeaway

If you want a smooth-sailing, problem-free journey, then invest in an insurance policy that protects you from these common mishaps. Many insurance providers offer good policies at reasonable prices. Annual multi trip travel insurance, for example, has a cover for everything, and you need that kind of insurance to prevent financial losses that could have been compensated by your insurance provider.

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