The Skillsets That Only a Montessori Preschool Can Offer


Montessori schools are becoming more popular as the benefits become increasingly obvious. Studies have shown that Montessori preschoolers advance more rapidly on math and literacy tests in the future, for example.

Who wouldn’t want to give their child that kind of head start in life?

If you’re looking for the best preschool for your little one, check out these impressive skills that a Montessori preschool offers.

Preschool Writing Skills

Yes, Montessori education for preschoolers includes writing skills. What’s more, it’s taught in a creative and effective way.

Teaching 2 to 4-year-olds how to write is no easy feat. This is why Montessori schools use building blocks, play dough, pegs, and tweezers to improve hand strength.

The teachers encourage independence when learning how to write, and use fun tracing exercises before moving into more complex tasks.

Interested in knowing more about the benefits of a Montessori preschool curriculum? Check out

Cultural Skills

What does it mean to be a global citizen? Cultural topics are a central element of Montessori preschools and your child will have the opportunity to learn about what it means to be a global citizen.

Preschoolers are taught about different countries and cultures in a fun and exciting way. They are exposed to music, science, art, and literature from around the world.

This is one of the most important Montessori skills, setting your child up to understand and accept the diversity of the world.

Math Skills

The hands-on teaching methods that teachers use at Montessori schools are highly effective in mathematics education. Mathematics is a difficult subject for many students because it is so abstract.

This is why Montessori for infants focuses on making math concrete, rather than abstract. Students use physical objects to learn how to count, subtract, and add.

Forming this foundation in mathematics is fundamental to success in the subject in the future.

Life Skills

Practical life skills are what really sets Montessori preschools apart from traditional preschools. The curriculum and the teachers encourage independence and children learn how to perform everyday tasks — such as getting dressed or cleaning up — on their own.

The Montessori Method encourages kids to choose the tasks they want to work on and the time they want to spend doing them. This instills a sense of autonomy and teaches self-discipline.

Cooperative Skills

Lastly, Montessori preschools are focused on teaching young children how to work together. Within an environment of diversity, tolerance, and love, your child will learn how to cooperate with others.

Mixed-age groups work to support this education as your child will be able to observe and learn from children older and younger than them. You can find out more about the other skills that the Montessori system teaches to children by reading our article on What Makes Montessori Learning Unique.

Choose a Montessori Preschool for Your Child

Writing, math, and cultural skills are not skills that you expect to see in a preschool curriculum. However, when you choose a Montessori preschool this is exactly what you can expect for your little one.

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