The Slow Fashion is Trendy on TikTok, and Here’s Why


The fast fashion that surrounded TikTok has become one of the hottest topics of the last year. 

How ethical is it to buy hundreds of pieces of clothing you’ll never wear again? Or that you won’t wear at all since those clothes were bought only to film a TikTok video? 

Whether the side you’re on, trends have a habit of changing so fast that we can’t track them in time! The same happened with todays fashionista TikTok: it is not so fast-moving anymore. 

So what is going on with the free TikTok of the big environmental issue and super consumption? 

by Glamour

TikTok Influencers Experience Less Hate

In the first place, most creators started buying tons of clothes because of the strong competition. The algorithms of TikTok are so demonic that if you’re not following the specific rules of your niche, you’ll be forgotten forever. 

It has motivated influencers to buy a lot, and then buy more and more. After doing it, on the one hand, they became famous. On the other hand,  they took so much hate that even YouTube beauty gurus couldn’t bear it! 

Today, the fast fashion trend on TikTok is being slowly  forgotten. The question is, will it lead to an upgrade in the safe communication between creators and viewers? 

Fashion Engages New Audiences

TikTok has a great variety of people with different interests. Whoever you are, you can find something worthy there. 

Before fashionista influencers started considering slow fashion, many people didn’t want to follow their content.

It doesn’t mean that, by buying fewer, creators can win the hearts of digital nomads or asceticists whose hobbies differ too much. But new audiences like climate change worrying people, young mothers, teenagers, etc., are more likely to follow compatible content that does not create contradictions.

Also, as TikTok proves, fashion influencers have been hated the most for their rich privileges. On the platform, you can even find a well-known thread “people hating on rich people”. 

With a renewable view on content creation, the stylish community must be done with this pressure soon! 

Minimalism As Its Finest: What Do Trends Say?

What does minimalism possibly have to do with fashion? These two ideologies are not similar. Audiences are unlike, as well as their needs, so why would fashionistas ever learn from minimalism? 

Minimalism is trendy. Since 2007, when minimal living started booming, it has never been so popular before. 

As we know, fashion has always been adapting and representing the society it existed in. We see on the agenda overconsumption and environmental issues topics; even the US people, professional buyers, start buying less and promote this way of living. 

While not all can be minimalists, it’s time for fashion TikTok to start caring about what the modern web is going to look like very soon. 

And it’s much more challenging to show how to be stylish with less than with more

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