The spectacular Docklands Stadium


Australia is another country where it is possible to enjoy world-class cricket. Right now, betting online is possible on 1xBet, and this can also be done on all the Australian teams and cricket tournaments.

Of course, in order for the sport to be popular in this part of the world, it is not only necessary to have great teams and players. Having excellent venues is a must if a league or competition has a true desire to thrive. A true example of an excellent cricket facility is the Docklands Stadium.

During recent years, this facility, located in the city of Melbourne, has been known as the Marvel Stadium due to sponsorship reasons. However, by traveling to the city, it is possible to hear that locals call it the Docklands Stadium. When being on the 1xBet website, users will see that it is possible to make online betting on all the events celebrated in this venue.

A multipurpose stadium

Considering that Australians love many different sports, this facility was constructed with versatility in mind. Many cricket events are played at this venue, especially in the Twenty20 format. To bet on cricket is easy with 1xBet, which can also be done on all the events that take place in this stadium. Some other sports that are also featured at the Docklands Stadium include:

  • association football;
  • rugby league;
  • rugby union;
  • and also Australian football.

When it comes to cricket, this venue is used by the Melbourne Renegades squad to play its home matches. When the Docklands Stadium is used for this specific sport, a drop-in pitch is installed in order to make sure that the facility can be quickly repurposed after the events.

In general, many Big Bash League contests are played on this ground. Users have seen that to bet on cricket with 1xBet is extremely easy, and this can be done on everything related to Australian cricket.

Use during the 2006 Commonwealth Games

The Docklands stadium is shared among different sports franchises. It is possible to make a live match bet – on all of them. However, this facility saw an even higher than normal use in this sport in 2006, as during that year, the Commonwealth Games were celebrated in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground was not available while those games were taking place. For this reason, many cricket matches were moved to the Docklands Stadium. Yet, now it is still possible to see regular cricket events being hosted in this stadium. You can visit 1xBet in order to make a live match bet on every sports event celebrated at the Docklands Stadium.


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