The St. Augustine Alligator Farm – Zip Lines and Lots of Gators!


From just an ordinary museum at the end of the railway

This fascinating and mysterious place once was just an ordinary museum at the time of its founding. On May 20, 1893, at the end of a railway on St. Augustine Beach a museum was opened with well over a dozen types of alligators being used to attract visitors. Eventually the alligators and crocodiles became part of the main attraction and the park moved to its current location today.

The world’s #1 destination to see and discover different kinds of crocodile and alligator

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During the 1930’s the parks owners changed, possibly for the better, even though shortly afterward a tragic and devastating fire wiped out most of the park. Over the years, the park was reconstructed and expanded. In the year of 1993, which was also the park’s 100th anniversary, the farm earned the honor of being the only park in the whole world to feature every species of crocodile and alligator. This park, as of 2012, became the only place on Earth to feature every known and living species of crocodile, alligator, caiman, and gharial. Meeting this goal helped to solidify the farm as one of the top destinations to learn about every type of crocodilian.


There are other animals, too!

The park has also expanded to include habitats for exotic monkeys and birds that most modern zoos do not have. Their bird collection, by itself, consists of these exotic and rare birds: hornbills, cassowary, marabou, Cape Griffin Vultures, and Pesquest’s Parrots, some of these birds are so rare, that most zoos do not have them. Also there are some huge Galapagos tortoises there that are the largest in the world; if you had wanted to, you could ride them, though it is a safe bet that the personnel there would not allow it.

The zoo’s other attractions and activities

In 2011 and 2012 an obstacle course has been built high up in the canopy of trees over the animal habitats. It is a thrilling experience, that is, if you do not mind heights and a very small chance of falling to your death among the alligators. Basically it is a huge rope course filled with hanging logs, nets, tight ropes, bridges, zip lines, and one air skateboard. The course is designed to test your strength, speed, agility, and endurance on both the physical and mental planes.

The zip lines, which by the way are one of the most fun parts of the course, require focus and quick reflexes, otherwise you can crash. The tightropes and log courses require great speed, agility, strength and mental focus. The floating skateboard on the other hand requires you to have a tight grip, otherwise you fall off and you have to tightrope to the end of that part of the course.

Overall, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm is a fun place perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages. You get close up to hundreds of crocodilians and exotic animals, take a picture with a small alligator and much more. So, do you want to tempt fate and go high in the sky above dangerous and fascinating animals, or low on the ground where you can actually touch and hold them?  If your ready to touch an alligator then heck why not try a new casino online – have some fun!

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Crocodile Crossing Zipline at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Obstacles

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