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Best known for songs such as “Pieces of April” and his #5 Billboard hit “Please Come to Boston,” country and pop singer/songwriter Dave Loggins was born in Mountain City, Tennessee in 1947.  It seems that music runs in his blood, as he is also the cousin of another singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins. Loggins has had a prolific songwriting career, having penned tunes for Three Dog Night, Restless Heart, Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd, Alabama, Kenny Rogers, and many more.

Dave Loggins’ music career

American singer, songwriter and musician Dave Loggins (born David Allen Loggins) is remembered best for his self-penned tune in 1974, “Please Come to Boston.” Loggins was born in Mountain City, Tennessee on November 10, 1947. He is also the second cousin of the more popular Kenny Loggins. It goes to show that music runs in their blood. Before entering the music business, Loggins was employed as a draftsman and insurance salesman.

Loggins wrote a song for Three Dog Night titled “Pieces of April” which peaked at #6 on the US chart during 1973. Aside from Three Dog Night, he also penned for other country music artists including Wynonna Judd, Restless Heart (“Wheels,” “Fast Movin’ Trains”), Gary Morris (“I’ll Never Stop Loving You”), Reba McEntire (“Lookin’ For A New Love Story”), Alabama, Don Williams (“Just As Long As I Have You,” “We’ve Got A Good Fire Goin’,” “Maggie’s Dream”) Toby Keith (“Pick ‘Em Up And Lay ‘Em Down”) and the  most successful “Morning Desire” by Kenny Rogers. The single climbed to number one for one week and spent a total of fourteen weeks on the US country chart.

When Loggins released “Please Come To Boston” in 1974, it became his best known recording, climbing to #5 in the US chart.

In 1984, Loggins recorded a duet with Anne Murray which called “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do.” It became a country hit, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Country Singles chart. The song took home numerous awards as well including Best Country Single at Big Country Awards and Vocal Duo of the Year at Country Music Association Award  in 1985.

Loggins went on to being a prolific composer. He wrote “Augusta,” a theme music that is used on broadcasts of The Masters Golf Tournament. It was later included on the compilation of songs about golf called The New Course Record. He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Dave Loggins’ singles

“Claudia”  (Personal Belongings, 1972)  
“Think’n of You” (Personal Belongings, 1972)  
“Please Come to Boston  (Apprentice [In a Musical Workshop] 1974)  
“Someday” Apprentice (In a Musical Workshop, 1974)  
“Girl From Knoxville” (Apprentice [In a Musical Workshop], 1974)
“Movin’ to the Country” (Country Suite,1976)  
“Savior of My Natural Life” (Country Suite,1976)  
“Ship in a Bottle (One Way Ticket to Paradise, 1977)  
“So Much For Our Dreams” (Our Winning Season OST, 1978)  
“The Fool in Me” (David Loggins, 1979)  
“Pieces of April” (David Loggins, 1979)

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