The Strongest Beers in the World


Sometimes, guzzling a couple of beers like Budweiser, Heineken, Coors or Miller High Life is not enough. Yes, you might feel refreshed, but sometimes you want a stronger brew that will knock you off of your feet for a unique drinking experience. There are 15-20% rare brews, but there are beers in the world with much higher alcohol content (ABV/alcohol by volume). These are the world’s strongest beers that will make other labels look like root beer in comparison, listed from the least to the strongest.

1. Baladin Espirit de Noel

ABV: 40%

Made by Italian brewer Teo Musso, Baladin’s Espirit de Noel (or Spirit of Christmas in English) is recommended for passionate drinkers who like taste and elegance. This ultra-strong beer was distilled back in 2011 after being aged for three years in oak barrels, giving it a nice wooden flavor with a bit of chocolate. A bottle of this beer is inexpensive, but you have to travel to Italy to buy it.

2. Brewdog Sink The Bismarck

ABV: 41%

Scotland’s Brewdog apparently started the quest for the world’s strongest beer. Back in 2010, Sink the Bismarck was the strongest in the planet. It’s an India pale ale (IPA) style beer but has four times the hops of a typical IPA. The name was chosen because when this beer was produced, it knocked off a German brand as the world’s strongest. It was also frozen throughout the brewing process, levelling up the strong brewing game.

3. Schorschbrau Schorschbock 43

ABV: 43%

We know this one’s hard to pronounce, but the Schorschbrau brewery will appear more than once in this list. After launching the Schorschbock 43 in 2010, the Germans regained their spot as the creator of the strongest beer in the world. However, this Eisbock (ice strong beer) only turned out to be a ruthless concoction of fruitiness and spiciness. It was only brewed once because of how badly it was received.

4. Koelschip Obilix

ABV: 45%

The Netherland’s Koelschip did not let Brewdog and Schorschbrau to be the only ones playing on the “who can make the strongest beer in the world” competition. According to the website, the Oblix was created in response to the two other brewer’s efforts on beating each other. It’s hard to get your hands on this beer because it was a limited brew and is very expensive. People say it tastes like sweetened whiskey, but some says it tastes more like cough syrup than beer.

5. Brewdog End of History

ABV: 55%

The first thing you would surely notice about Brewdog’s End of History is its unique packaging, serving the beer in a bottle tucked inside a dead, taxidermized squirrel. Named after the idea of political philosopher Francis Fukuyama, the End of History was held as the world’s strongest beer for a week in 2010.This Belgian ale had a strong whiskey taste, with hints of mead, berries and nettles, but – considering the package itself – it was produced in a very limited number. Only 10 were made available for sale in the US market, and was sold only to those who can commit at least $20,000 to Brewdog’s crowdfunding initiative.

6. Schorschbrau Schorschbock 57

ABV: 57%

Told you, Schorschbrau is on this list again because it was really on a quest to make the strongest beer the world has ever seen. However, the brewery failed to recognize its own nation’s 500-year-old beer purity law, which governs how proper beer is made. Schorschbrau’s 57% Schorschbock is as high as said laws will allow the brewery to go, and when they created 57, they can no longer create a beer with a higher alcohol content. They have made only 36 bottles and each carries a price tag of €200. However, this beer has been described as lacking in flavor and nothing more appealing than a fiery shot of booze.

7. Koelschip Start the Future

ABV: 60%

Koelschip released Start the Future just a week after Brewdog released End of History in 2010, taking away the strongest beer title from Brewdog immediately. It was a lot cheaper than the expensive contender, priced at around $50. However, this Eisbock styled beer has broken the rules altogether. It was found that the beer was blended with whiskey to achieve high alcohol levels, disqualifying itself as the world’s strongest beer. People say it taste nothing better than rubbing alcohol.

8. Brewmeister Armageddon

ABV: 65%

Brewmeister, another Scottish brewery, decided to step up in 2012 with the creation of Armageddon, after watching Brewdog, Koelschip and Schorschbrau beating one another for the strongest beer title. With 65% ABV, it was super strong but the taste was not that bad compared to the earlier contenders – they say drinking it was like sipping on a nice whiskey. However, lab tests have shown that ethanol, or pure alcohol, was added to the beer. Since then, the Armageddon was removed from the company’s lineup.

9. Brewmeister Snake Venom

ABV: 67.5%

The Scottish brewery beat themselves as the world’s strongest beer in 2013 with the release of Snake Venom. It is made up of smoke peat malt along with ale yeast and champagne. A bottle of this stomach-burning beer is equivalent to drinking 15 shots of hard liquor. The label warns drinkers not to exceed 35 mL in one sitting, so you really can’t chug on this one. Reviewers say it’s a mad drink which strength is not for human consumption.

10. Koelschip Mystery of Beer

ABV: 70%

Brewmeister reigned for a little bit until Koelschip created the Mystery of Beer with 70% alcohol, topping the contest as the strongest beer in the world for now. When it was created, the alcohol is removed when frozen and then, extra alcohol is added back in before returning to liquid state. Most people can’t handle this – it’s not really for the faint-hearted – and they say it’s almost as strong as Bacardi 151.

If you want to learn more about different beers, you may also read our article about the rarest beers in the world.

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