The Sweetest Destinations: A Guide to the Best Dessert Places Around You


Desserts are an important part of many people’s lives. It is not important to eat loads of desserts, as a bit of it is quite fulfilling. Moreover, loads of desserts are not healthy for people of all age groups. It is very crucial for a person to keep in mind that they need to supply a decent amount of sugar to their body. Desserts can take different forms like cakes, pastries, puddings, cookies, biscuits, etc. People usually get bored when they have the same kind of dessert every day. So, trying and experimenting with new and different types of desserts from different places can actually make the person happy and satisfied while eating. Having a delicious dessert, especially after dinner, is very important for a lot of people. They ensure to try new desserts on a regular basis that can give them pleasure while eating. Cooking delicious desserts every day is not possible for everyone. Some people don’t have enough time and there are also many who can’t cook delicious desserts. So, if someone doesn’t have the time to cook or doesn’t know how to cook delicious desserts then they can consider buying them. You need to know that bakeries are great places to buy various kinds of desserts. You will find many breakfast places near me around you that provide delicious desserts at the best rates.

If you are someone who really loves having desserts then you should find a good bakery that has a wide variety of desserts available with them. You just need to look for them on the internet, in the comfort of your home. Just type a cafe near me or desserts near me and you will find many bakeries around you. However, make sure that you research well about the bakery before choosing them, in order to get good quality desserts at the best rates. If you are looking for a good bakery in Orlando Fl then you can consider Mecatos Cafe & Bakery. It is a Colombian bakery in Orlando that was established in the year 2015. You will find a wide variety of desserts available with them, that are made from high-quality ingredients. As you will find a wide variety of delicious desserts available with them, you can pick the ones which complement your personal taste.

Mecatos Cafe & Bakery has been serving a large number of customers at 4 locations in Orlando. They are located at Lake Underhill, Lake Nona, Waterford Lakes, and Downtown. Moreover, there are also 3 stores under construction in Metrowest, Ocoee, and Hoffner Avenue, which will be serving their customers soon. Mecatos Cafe & Bakery has a great ambiance and if you are visiting them then you will surely enjoy an inviting environment. People of different age groups have been hanging out at this place with their loved ones due to their ambiance. You will find more than 25 beverages at this place that you will surely love. If you visit Mecatos Cafe & Bakery then make sure that you order their specialty coffee. You will surely love it. Along with their specialty coffee, you can order some delicious Colombian-based baked and fried foods and hot bites and of course their delicious desserts. You can also choose Mecatos Cafe & Bakery for catering orders and you won’t regret your decision. If you are a valued customer then you can expect reward programs at this place.


Mecatos Bakery and Cafe 

20 N Orange Ave Ste 102A

Orlando, FL 32801

 Mecatos Bakery and Cafe 

7790 Lake Underhill Rd Unit 101

Orlando, FL 32822

 Mecatos Bakery and Cafe 

12400 Lake Underhill Rd unit 103

Orlando Fl, 32828

 Mecatos Bakery and Cafe 

10783 Narcoossee Rd

Suite 125 – 129

 Mecatos Bakery and Cafe 

10151 W. Colonial Dr.

Ocoee, FL 34761

Mecatos Bakery and Cafe 

2900 S. Kirkman Rd.

Orlando, FL 32811

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