The Thrilling Totem Lightning On Kerching


Coming straight out of native American or Red Indian culture, the totem lightning is an extremely fun and interesting game made by Red Tiger Gaming. This game can be your best way of making money without moving a muscle if your lucky stars are in play. One right move and bam! You have a line of winning streak. 

This game has 40 payline and 5 reels, in the form of tile that represents ancient symbols. The maximum bet that can be made in this game is 500 pounds while the minimum is 0.20 pounds. Totem lightning is a mix of amazing bonus features and it is also super fun to play.

How to play

The game is made of high-value and low-value symbols. The high-value symbols are represented by eagle, crab, wolf, and puma. The low-value symbols are represented by J, Q, K, and A. The game has no wild card but it is loaded with bonus features. 

The reels in the totem lightning game are somewhat similar to the reels in balloonies except they are not floating but composed of tiles that slide away when you relegate a symbol to the side. Whenever you relegate, the lightning animation appears on the screen with a lightning sound. 

As if the lightning sound was not thrilling enough, to make things even more interesting there is a constant background sound, based on native American style, that is produced after every spin. 

Bonus Features 

  • Symbol Strikes: This amazing bonus feature offers you an opportunity to get rid of all the low-value symbols that are present across the reels. It is triggered by a lightning strike bonus feature and removes all the low-value symbols, thus the reels are left with high-values symbols only. This way the chances of hitting the big wins increase by ten folds.
  • Lightning Strike: These strikes are a thrilling and surprising element of the game as they hit the reels at any time. Upon the hitting reels, they form new winning combinations and trigger the amazing bonus feature symbol strike. 
  • Totem Multiplier: If you land a combination of three bonus symbols in one go, the totem multiplier is unlocked. You are redirected to a tab where the ladder game appears. The main purpose of the ladder game is to collect a bonus. Increase your chances of getting bigger winnings by going as higher as you possibly can.  

The Graphics of the Game

The moment you enter the game, a well-designed interface of the game will appear on your screen. Every feature of the game screams of attention to details that have been given to this game by Red Tiger Gaming. 

The game portrays the daytime and has mountains in the background. The reels are shown to be made of wood while the animal symbols are made of bright colors. The countryside theme of the game is reinforced with matching symbols here and there on the game interface. For example, there is a headdress resting on the left corner of the upper side of reels. 

So if you are a Native American culture fan and a gambling enthusiast, then play Totem Lightning on Kerching.

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