The Top 10 918Kiss Slot Games You Have to Try


One of the most popular casinos in Asia continues to be 918kiss. It has fun slot machine games, including extras like live players. A give-and-take game can be played on the platform with pals. The best slot machines are listed here for you to try.

1. T-Rex

Even though it is an old game, seasoned players still adore it. It’s striking because of the symbols and lovely background. Furthermore, it has 25 paylines that may be spread across 5 reels. Players may view volcanoes and get goodies while playing the 918kiss T-Rex slot. On all reels above the line and during scattered free spins, it can award 10,000 coins. A dinosaur with intimidating characteristics and large teeth is depicted. As a result, it is fun and rewarding in spades.

2. PayDirt

One of the RealTime Gaming games, it offers a number of free spin and winning bonus options. The game has several different characters and is simple to play, including a bandit, minors, a box of dynamite, a dog, and a donkey. You can enjoy playing these even on your phones. Players are able to alter the number of lines and up the stakes.

3. Highway Kings

One can play poker on a 5-reel slot machine from a gaming collection to earn cash prizes. With wild and scatter symbols to consider, the game has a road theme. It has vibrant artwork with symbols that look like they were doodled by a worn-out artist.

4. Football

It is sport-based and draws inspiration from football. This slot differs from other slot machines in that the icons don’t depict the faces of the stars that appear. It includes other components that are a part of the game. There are also gloves, a gold cup, balls, yellow and red playing cards, and whistles. One is guaranteed a prize if they obtain any 5 symbols. It contains lengthy rounds and 15 bonus spins.

5. Wukong Slot 918Kiss

One of the most played 918KISS online slot games is this one. Players in this game, which has a base game with five reels and fifteen pay lines, can win prizes thanks to the four pilgrims.

6. Monkey Thunderbolt

The Monkey King is the most lucrative character and offers an active pay line that can successfully hit your line’s bet up to 10,000 times. Another intriguing quality of the Monkey King is its ability to multiply any wins a player makes and to substitute for all other symbols outside the Scatter. The Scatter in this game can suddenly start base game payouts or incentives, as well as start Sun Wukong’s free spins. This typically happens when three or more Sun Wukong occurrences are about to occur. Visit here to know how to play monkey king slot.

7. Slot Machine 918Kiss Cleopatra Gold

The Cleopatra slot machine by 918KISS is ideal if you’re looking for a fantastic slot game with progressive jackpot incentives. One of the highest paying 918kiss slots available, it is a popular choice among Asian online casino players. The progressive jackpot is set up such that anyone who is lucky enough to win it could benefit from it at any time. The jackpot has an intriguing characteristic in that it ignores both the set of combinations that appear in the pay lines and the amount of money you stake. In addition, this online casino slot game has additional jackpots totaling $1,000 waiting to reward lucky victors. When players of online casinos eventually land five Scarab or Cat symbols on a pay line, the jackpot might start rolling at any time. There are other different strategies that might help players triumph in this game, and the prizes are rather appealing.

8. Big Blue Slot

One of the most played 918KISS games in 2020 is the Big Blue Slot casino game. Twenty-five pay lines are present on the game’s five reels. One of the easiest games to access at an Asian online casino is this one. The game is really simple to grasp, so anyone may play it. To begin playing, simply activate your lines, place your bets by clicking “Change Coin,” and win big by betting on each line. How many bets you place will frequently affect your benefits. When you hit the spin button, the reel will start to spin so you can start playing. Those who lack the patience to push the spin button can use the autoplay option instead. You can use this autoplay option to set a certain number of continuous spins for the reels. You can just choose “bet max,” and you will wager on the greatest possible bet, to increase your chances of receiving awards in Wild and Scatter. Use 918Kiss Free Credit to play the game right away if you haven’t done so already.

9. Thai Paradise Slot

It’s not always necessary to travel or go to a specific location to appreciate nature’s majesty and beauty. Playing an online casino game can occasionally be all it takes to appreciate nature’s beauty! One of the top online casino games, Thai Paradise, provides the best gaming environment available. The stunning scenery and rich cultural legacy of Thailand were imitated in the game’s graphics. The standard card numbers and alphabets—10, J, Q, K, and A—are included in the Thai Paradise casino slot game. The designs of these symbols, however, are Thai-inspired. Gamers can immediately access the game’s ambiance thanks to the deep teal background and green interface. The icons also display a glitzy location that depicts a royal palace and a lovely “woman” in addition to a palace.

10. Fortune Panda

You can enjoy the adventures of Chinese bamboo forest when playing online now. Fortune panda is a 5-reel and a 3-row game. You can play it on a 50 payline slot.


These games offer a tonne of bonus features and enormous jackpot winnings. After starting to play these game, there’s a good chance you won’t want to play any other casino games!

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