The Top 10 Beer Resources on the Internet


There are a lot of beer resources around the world. You may not know which ones are the best if you want to know about beer in general of if you are considering making beer at home. Knowing every aspects of beer and beer making will help you know or make several varieties of beer. We hope that this hub will help beer enthusiasts by presenting the top 10 beer resources found on the Internet (in no particular order):

1. Ale Street News

The website touts Ale Street News (ASN) as “The Most Widely Circulated Beer Newspaper in America.” Ale Street News was founded in 1992, arising from a desire to create a credible and quality newspaper that tackles all about beers. For more than 20 years, Ale Street News has been taking its enthusiastic beer-loving readers to the finest beers (and their breweries) not only throughout the United States but in other parts of the world, as well. ASN’s digital edition also features articles on beer business, home brewing, beer and food pairing, as well as traveling in search of the great beers.

2. All About Beer Magazine

All About Beer Magazine is one the leading beer magazines in the US. It covers not only beers, but also the people, places, events and trends that are related to beer. Basically, the website aims to educate and celebrate beer culture for enthusiasts. The magazine has been in circulation for over 30 years, and its digital edition also offers the latest news and beer-related photos, videos, articles and blog

3. Beer Hunter Online

This is “a must-see” site for beer lovers around the world. This website is a tribute to the late Michael Jackson — no, not the King of Pop, but the “king of beers,” who passed away in 2007. Jackson is still regarded and respected as the leading authority on beers, and this website contains an archive of his extensive knowledge on the beverage. This website features weekly articles, notes on beer tasting, reviews on various breweries, and tidbits about beer culture and many other topics that are related to beer

4. BeerSmith Recipe Cloud

This is one of the best resources for sharing information regarding beer, as well as home brewing. Beer enthusiasts share their own recipes with other users of this website, which in turn picks out the most recommended recipes. They also offer beer making kits. This website also lists the top rated home brews as well as top beer contributors (judging from the number of their own recipes they’ve imparted). If you’ve got your own great beer recipe, you are welcome to share it with the world through this website and you’ll be part of their wonderful beer community.

5. Making Beer at Home

You love beer, and sometime in your life you wish to make one yourself at home. If you are a first timer and you have no idea where to start, then head on to Making Beer at Home website. This website, with its simple layout, expresses the basics of home brewing. This is designed and run by someone who has been doing home brewing for over 20 years, so you bet he knows the difficulties as well as the joys of making beer at home. The administrator of this website also shares beer making-related videos and recommended off-site links, so that you can learn more about home brewing.

6. The Beer Fathers

This website is administered by father and son Al and John Eklund who are both inveterate beer enthusiasts. With their personal, “non-scientific and non-standard” reviews and rating method, you may find the best beer buddies in the world. The father-and-son tandem aims to take readers beyond their usual Budweiser by sampling other fine beers they found throughout the US and around the world. They explain that as their “palates evolve,” they reserve the right to change their opinions towards the beers they’ve tasted and reviewed, just like any beer lover

7. Brew Your Own

For homebrew enthusiasts, they may have known Brew Your Own magazine, which is one of the world’s widely-read publication on home brewing. Find online articles, blogs, photos and videos, as well as their own step-by-step lager and ale recipes. Users can also check the website’s online store where they can purchase BYO back and special issues as well as its own home brewing gear and accessories

8. Cicerone Certification Program

You are a beer lover, and if you want to take your enthusiasm into the next (and more professional) level, head on to Cicerone Certification Program. Beer lovers who intend to become cicerones — or professional beer experts, sometimes called “beer sommeliers” – will undergo three levels of expertise. The series of exams are really tough to take. That’s why at present there are only seven people (out of tens of thousands of test-takers) who are certified cicerones. You’ve got to prepare yourself very, very well if you want to become a professional beer master.

9. RealBeer

Real beer lovers gather on this website, and they get all the information they need to know about beer here. Realbeer features news, education, culture, events, breweries and pubs, retail, holiday beers, beer and health, beer and food pairing, even glassware and mugs. It is a beer lover’s paradise indeed.

10. RateBeer
The go-to reference beer website which reviews and rates beers from around the world. Aside from the ratings made by the website’s resident reviewers, users are also welcome to post comments as well as their own criteria and overall ratings on a particular beer. It also features every aspects of beer, from the styles down to the glassware.

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